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Triumph 2020. Global Sales slipped only 2%

Triumph Motorcycles performed an outstanding second part of the 2020 ending the year with a marginal lost. Global sales have been 56.249 (-2.9%) thanks to the positive European performance while lost in Latam, ASEAN and Pacific have been heavy.

Kawasaki superbike

Kawasaki 2020. The Sport Bike World’s Leader lost 25% of Global Sales

Kawasaki global sales in the 2020 was penalized by the sharp industry decline in the ASEAN region and fell down back at the 2015 level, after three years of consecutive all-time record. Sales in North America, Pacific and Europe were positive.
Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycles. In the 2020 Global Sales increased 3%, booming in Europe

Indian Motorcycles, the American brand owned by Polaris Industries, increased global sales in the 2020 although sales lost in the US. The manufacturer scored great performance in several countries, including Russia, New Zealand, Australia and in the entire European region.

TVS Motor2021. Domestic Sales Penalize The Global Performance

TVS Motor global sales is fast growing abroad but penalized by domestic sales in India. Global registrations at the end of May 2021 (Jan-May in this calendar year) have been 0.9 million, up 45.2% compared with the same period 2020 but down 30.9% compared with the 2019.
Gogoro People

Gogoro 2020. Global Sales at 91.500 dropped 39%

Gogoro Global Development has been heavily hit in the 2020, when the covid19 limited the achievement of international development. However, the near 30% drop reported in the first 11 months is mainly correlated to the lost in the domestic Taiwanese market.

Bajaj Pulsar 200

Bajaj Auto 2021. Global Registrations up 58.4% but the pace is below expectations

Bajaj Auto Global Registrations are recovering in the 2021, while at a lower than expected pace. At the end of April 2021 (Jan-Apr in this calendar year) have been 2.1 million, up 58.4% compared with the same period 2020 but down 9.3% compared with the 2019.

CF Moto Global Sales in 2020 hit the 5th all time record in a...

CF Moto is a leading Chinese brand, leader in production of high valuable ATVs and Side by Side, which a growing line up of motorcycles in the range of 125-850 cc. After the quotation in Shanghai stock exchange in 2016 the firm doubled global sales with a 2020 record of 128.000 units.

BMW 2020. Booming in China hit the second-best sales score ever

BMW Motorrad delivers in 2020 the second highest performance in the history, with a phenomenal recovery scored in the second half of the year. Global registrations have been 168.701 (-3.9%).

Zero Motorcycles. Sales growth confirms the leadership as high performance electric bike

Zero Motorcycles Inc. is an American manufacturer of electric motorcycles. Founded in 2006 in a Santa Cruz, California garage by a former NASA engineer, Neal Saiki, it is the global leader in the high performance electric motorcycles, with sales in over 30 countries.


MV Agusta 2020. Global Sales up 24.8%

MV Agusta Global Sales rebound in 2020 at 3.1 thousand, up 24.8% from the negative peak hit in the previous year. European operations recovered 51% while the rest of the World was down.