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SYM 2021. Record Sales in Italy (+27%) Not Offset Global Registration Lost (-8.1%)

SYM Motorcycles Global Sales penalized by domestic market. After nine months of the year Global registrations have been 436.715, down 8.1%, with domestic sales down 12.5% and international sales down 5%. Italy shines.

Niu Technology 2021. Global Sales Boomed at 1 Million (+70%)

Niu Technology Global Sales boomed in 2021 hitting the 1 million record milestone and becoming the second largest electric scooter manufacturer in the World. Sales increased 70.4% while production capacity is expanded to near 2 million vehicle per year.

CF Moto Global Sales in 2020 hit the 5th all time record in a...

CF Moto is a leading Chinese brand, leader in production of high valuable ATVs and Side by Side, which a growing line up of motorcycles in the range of 125-850 cc. After the quotation in Shanghai stock exchange in 2016 the firm doubled global sales with a 2020 record of 128.000 units.
Piaggio 1

Piaggio 2021. China Boom Drives Up Global Performance

Piaggio Global Sales are recovering. Year to Date September registrations at 307.936 were up 4.2% vs the 2020 and down 13.6% vs the 2019. While excluding the commercial three wheelers, sales were up 9.2% vs 2020 and 16.5% vs the 2019. China is booming.

Bajaj Auto 2021. Global Registrations Up (+6.6%) Driven by International Operations

Bajaj Auto Global Registrations marginally recovered in 2021. Although a little growth in India, Global Sales in 2021 improved 6.1% thanks to a double-digit score in all continents. The fastest growing markets were Egypt and Argentina.
Gogoro People

Gogoro 2020. Global Sales at 91.500 dropped 39%

Gogoro Global Development has been heavily hit in the 2020, when the covid19 limited the achievement of international development. However, the near 30% drop reported in the first 11 months is mainly correlated to the lost in the domestic Taiwanese market.


Italika 2021. While Q3 Sales dropped in Double-Digit the New All Time Record is...

Italika Runs To Hit the 16th Record in a String. During the third quarter, the lower demand in Mexico has frozen the Italika growth, with a Q3 9.0% lost. However the 2021 balance is still positive with year to date September figures at 658.000, up 15.6% from the previous year.

BMW 2021. Global Sales Run Towards All Time Record, near 200k

BMW Motorrad Global Sales at New Record in 2021. Year to Date September sales were 157.840, up 13.6% projecting the entire year at the new all time record, not far from the 200.000 milestone. The score is driven by huge increase in China (+50.3%) and Double-digit growth in Europe.


Zanella 2021. The Argentine Historical Manufacturer Is Fighting To Survive

Zanella Motor is a ancient Argentine brand. Following the last two years rapid fall from over 100.000 to few thousand sales it is now recovering. In the first sixth months 2021 sales have been 15.066, up 108.2% vs the 2020 but down 35.4% vs the 2019..


Yadea 2021. First Half Sales Boomed 36.5% Topping World’s e-Scooter Industry

Yadea confirms to be the Global Leader in the e-scooter market with a roaring 2021 start. In the first half, e-scooter sales have been 3.07 million, up an amazing 36.5% vs the correspondent period in 2020, or +106% vs the 2019. Although operating in over 80 nations, 98% of sales were done in China.