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Bajaj Auto 2021. Global Registrations Up (+6.6%) Driven by International Operations

Bajaj Auto Global Registrations marginally recovered in 2021. Although a little growth in India, Global Sales in 2021 improved 6.1% thanks to a double-digit score in all continents. The fastest growing markets were Egypt and Argentina.

Italika 2021. While Q3 Sales dropped in Double-Digit the New All Time Record is...

Italika Runs To Hit the 16th Record in a String. During the third quarter, the lower demand in Mexico has frozen the Italika growth, with a Q3 9.0% lost. However the 2021 balance is still positive with year to date September figures at 658.000, up 15.6% from the previous year.


Ducati 2021. MotoGP Champion Team is Running to Establish New All Time Record Sales

Ducati Motor Global Sales are fast recovering in the 2021. In the first half sales have been 34.331 reporting a robust +43.9% versus the correspondent period in 2020 and a +8.8% vs the 2019. The full year projection is really outstanding with volume projected well ahead of 60.000 units.

TVS Motor 2021. Global Sales Up (+5.9%) Driven by Latin America Boom (+112%)

TVS Motor Global Sales driven by Export. In 2021 sales have been 2.5 million, up 5.9% vs the 2020 and 0.9 million below the 2018 record. In Latin America sales over doubled while in India moved up only 4%, in line with the industry.

Niu Technology 2021. Global Sales Boomed at 1 Million (+70%)

Niu Technology Global Sales boomed in 2021 hitting the 1 million record milestone and becoming the second largest electric scooter manufacturer in the World. Sales increased 70.4% while production capacity is expanded to near 2 million vehicle per year.

Zero Motorcycles. EVs Tripled Incentives in US and Duties Cut in EU Will Boost...

Zero Motorcycles Global Sales expected to boost after duties cut in Europe and triple EV incentives introduced in USA. Year to Date October sales have been just over the 3.000 units up 11.2% vs the 2020 and 41.9% vs the 2019.


Hero Motor 2021. Global Sales Down at 5.1 Million (-8.4%) Third Lost in a...

Hero Motors Corp. Global Sales have been almost negative in the 2021 reaching 5.1 million, down 8.4% from the previous year and over 3 million units down from the 2018 peak. International operations count 5.5% of the total, but most are concentrated in the Bangladesh and Nepal.

Benelli 2021. In the first half global sales improved 58%

Benelli Motorcycles increased sales by 58% in the first half 2021, projecting the 9th consecutive all time record sales. The Italian brand - owned by the Chinese Motor Group Qianjiang - is one of the fastest growing manufacturer thanks to a very aggressive price positioning and a wide range of models offered in all continents

Honda Motorcycles 2021. Although Losing in China, Global Sales Improved in Q3

Honda Motorcycles Global Sales are recovering in 2021. Year to Date September the Global Registrations have been 12.5 million, up 14.4% vs the 2020 (or 1.5 million units) and down 4.9% vs the 2019 (or 0.6 million). Compared with the correspondent period in 2020 sales are growing in all regions, but China.

BMW 2021. Global Sales Run Towards All Time Record, near 200k

BMW Motorrad Global Sales at New Record in 2021. Year to Date September sales were 157.840, up 13.6% projecting the entire year at the new all time record, not far from the 200.000 milestone. The score is driven by huge increase in China (+50.3%) and Double-digit growth in Europe.