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Italika 2023. New Sales Record Although Struggling Abroad

Italika Motorcycles hit the 19th record sales in a row. In 2023 sales have been 816.480 (+3.4%) although the plan to expand distribution in the entire region is failing.

Bajaj Auto 2023. New All-Time Record Established Booming At Home

Bajaj Auto Global Sales accelerate. Since early 2021 a recovery is in place and in 2023 the company accelerated in the hitting the new all time record with 3.6 million sales (+11.8%), driven by a domestic +23.8% impressive performance.

TVS Motor 2023. New All-Time Record And Ready To Win In Europe As Well

TVS Motor Global Sales is fast growing. Following a three years dramatic increase, in 2023 the company established the new all-time record at 3.45 million with an impressive +21.3% speed.

Zero Motorcycles. Hero Motor and Polaris Invest in the California Based EVs Specialist

Zero Motorcycles announced the completion of a new $107 million round of financing. The financing saw participation from strategic partners Polaris, Exor and Hero MotoCorp and financial investors including long-time backer Invus and other undisclosed investors.

Ducati Streetfighter V2

Ducati 2023. Global Sales Declined Although A Powerful Line Up

Ducati Motor is not a World Champion looking at the global sales performance, While all premium competitors keep reporting record on records, in 2023 Ducati sales slipped at 59.789 (-0.5%).


Gogoro 2022. Global Sales Flat As All Expansions Plans Failed

Gogoro is in bad shape. Following the deep drop reported 2020, in 2021 and 2022 Gogorò global sales remained stable at 92.000 sales, failing all development projects outside of Taiwan and losing share at home.

Hero Xpulse 400

Hero Motor 2023. Global Sales Improved 5.9% Consolidating World’s Ranking Second Place

Hero Motors Global Sales started improving since early 2022 and a positive pathway is in place, with full year 2023 ended at 5.7 million sales (+5.9%), still 2.3 million below the 2018 all-time record.

Niu Technology 2023. Global Sales Dropped 17% Missing All Targets

Niu Technology Global Performance is disappointing. Following the previous year decline, in 2023 sales further dropped at 610.003 (-17.0%).

BMW anniversary

BMW Motorrad 2023. Global Sales Hit the 14th Record In A Row

BMW Motorrad Global Sales reached a string of 14 years in series. In 2023 global registrations were 208.528 (+3.4%) with progress shown almost in all regions.


Benelli 2022. Global Sales Keep Growing Although Chinese Production Shortage

Benelli Motorcycles in 2022 sold globally 137.271 (+2.3%) penalized by the difficulties in China which not only limited the local sales but even the volume available for global distribution.