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Gogoro People

Gogoro. Global 2020 Sales down 29%

Gogoro Global Development has been heavily hit in the 2020, when the covid19 limited the achievement of international development. However, the near 30% drop reported in the first 11 months is mainly correlated to the lost in the domestic Taiwanese market.

TVS Motor. Global 2020 sales down 19%

TVS Motor global sales in 2020 declined 19.1% losing over 0.6 million from the previous year. While the lost is the highest ever, it was deeply contained thanks to the second half recovery. in last April, TVS took over Norton, the British iconic brand.

Niu Tech. Q3 sales boom (+88%) caused production shortage for the fastest growing EV...

Niu is a recently born brand with the mission to invent a new style for urban mobility. The company, Jiangsu Niu Electric Technology Co. is based in Wujin, Changzhou, China since the fall of the 2014 and is projected to achieve the milestone of 1 million e-scooter sold (from business start) by the end of 2019. Probably is - as self-defined - the global leader in the segment.


Italika. The top manufacturer in Mexico & Latin America lost 22% in H1 2020

Italika dominates the fast growing domestic Mexican market and is the best selling brands in the North American region, selling more than the double of the second player, Honda. In the 2019 Italika hit the record of over 700.000 sales, with near 70% of market share in Mexico and strong positions in Guatemala, Honduras and Peru.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 1100

Ducati. In 2020 scored the worst global performance among premium brands

Ducati Motor Global Sales declined in the 2020 for the 4th year in a row. At 48.000 sales (-9%) Ducati performance was the worst among all premium motorcycles brands, with the Italian icon losing market share in all markets and losing even at home, with Italian sales down 25%

Hero Xtreme 200

Hero Motor. In 2020 lost 1.3 million and the 2nd place in global ranking

Hero Motors strongly recovered in the second half, while in 2020 reported 5.7 million global sales, down 19.2% or 1.3 million vehicles, the deepest lost in their history. In addition, Hero has lost the second place in the global brand ranking, overtaken by a booming Chinese company.

Benelli. In the first five months 2020 lost 27% of global sales

Benelli Motorcycles in the 2019 hit the new all time record in global sales and after having overtaken Ducati is now challenging Triumph position in the motorcycles ranking. Indeed, in the first nine months of the year global sales have been 50.037, up 8.7%. The 26.8% fall reported in Latam countries have been more than balance by a +27.8% in West Europe.

Hyosung. The best korean motorcycles manufacturer

Hyosung is the largest motorcycles manufacturer in South Korea. Born in the 1978 as assembly partner for Suzuki, the company has been taken over by the KR Motors Company Ltd. in the 2014. Despite distributing in over 60 countries, the brand is not very popular a part three countries, Korea, China and Laos. In 2019 sales have been steady at 125.000 units

Zero Motorcycles

Zero. The launch of new SR/S is crucial to keep the dream alive

Zero Motorcycles Incorporated is an American manufacturer of electric motorcycles. Founded in 2006 in a Santa Cruz, California garage by a former NASA engineer, Neal Saiki, it has been developed fast and actually distributes in over 30 countries. The recent launched of the SR/S model arrive in a crucial cornerstone, after 2019 sales have not yet exceed the 3k.

BMW 2020. Booming in China hit the second-best sales score ever

BMW Motorrad delivers in 2020 the second highest performance in the history, with a phenomenal recovery scored in the second half of the year. Global registrations have been 168.701 (-3.9%).