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Honda Transalp 750

Paraguay 2022. Motorcycles Industry Recovered Fast (+74.6%)

Paraguay Motorcycles Market in 2022 reached 156.586 (+74.6%) sales, fully recovering after the distribution channel disruption suffered in the Covid 19 period, hitting the second highest level ever.  

Ecuador 2022. Two-Wheeler Market Lost Momentum (-8.8%)

Ecuador Motorcycles Market lost momentum. After the record scored in the previous year with 178.123 sales, the market stabilized in 2022 with 162.505 (-8.8%) sales. The market leader is still Shineray.

KTM SuperDuke 1290 GT

Latin America 2022. Motorcycles Industry Skyrockets Hitting New Records (+10.7%)

Latin America Motorcycles Market is skyrocketing again. in 2022 the growth continues, while with a more moderate speed, and sales grew up at 5.4 million (+10.7%).

Peru 2022. Motorcycles Market Hit Second Best Results Ever

Peruvian Motorcycles Market in 2022 consolidated the previous years records. The growth was too fast is such a short period and in 2022 sales fell back at 312.713 (-13.7%). 

Guatemala 2022. Two Wheeler Market Hits The 11th All-Time Record In A Row

Guatemala Motorcycles Skyrockets. In 2022 the market hit the 11th all-time record in a string jumping as 23rd largest in the World. Honda is market leader ahead of Suzuki and Bajaj.

Mexico 2022. Motorcycles Market Hits The 9th Record In A String

Mexico Motorcycles Market is the 8th largest worldwide. In 2022 the industry hit the 9th All-Time record in a string with 1.3 million sales (+5.3%), driven up by the local leader Italika and by the huge field of competitors recently landed in the country.