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Zanella 2021. The Argentine Historical Manufacturer Is Fighting To Survive

Zanella Motor is a ancient Argentine brand. Following the last two years rapid fall from over 100.000 to few thousand sales it is now recovering. In the first sixth months 2021 sales have been 15.066, up 108.2% vs the 2020 but down 35.4% vs the 2019..

Colombian Motorcycles

Colombia 2021. Motorcycles Market is up 56.7%

Colombian Motorcycles Market is fast recovering after the double-digit lost reported last year and is projected to be back near the highest level ever. Sales in the first half 2021 have been 317.714, up 56.7% from the correspondent period in 2020 and 9.4% from 2019..

United States 2021. Motorcycles Market at the highest level in last 20 years

United States Motorcycles industry roars ahead in the 2021. In the first half sales figures were 514.767 (including all new registered motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and RUVs) a robust +19.4% vs the 2020 and a + 33.8% vs the 2019


Argentina 2021. Motorcycles Sales up 51% in the first half

Argentine Motorcycles Market kept recovering. In the first half of the year, two-wheeler sales were 168.427, up 51.6% vs the 2020 and -8.8% vs the 2019. While the market leader Honda struggles, local manufacturers are fast growing.

Guatemala 2020. Two wheeler market grew up 20% and Bajaj Auto is the new...

Guatemala Motorcycles Market continues to grow up in the 2020 although the negative economic effects on the economy generated by covid19 spread. The market hit the new all time record - the sixth in a row - increasing over 20% over the previous year.