Service Solutions

Service Solutions are developed individually for each customer thanks to the outstanding flexibility of our database and to follow our philosophy to become and integrated part of each customer Market Intelligence activity.

Some of the service we actually provide are:

  • Single market data in excel. Data can regard single or multi-year and can be released aggregated by year/month
  • Multi-Market data in excel. Data can regard single or multi-year and can be released aggregated by year/month
  • Tracker, a unique tool which allow the Client to analyze multi-market/multi year data for selected markets (ideally global or region)
  • GeoTracker, provides deep analysis on a specific territory, with data split by County/District/ZipCode/Location/Province.
  • Current Year Subscription. Allow to receive a periodically update for the current year releasing data as soon as they are available. When subscribing to this service in the course of the year, in the first sending we immediately release the past months and then we update data each month (or quarterly depending by the country).
  • Strategic Report. This PPT or PDF document is released each month (for some Clients we update data each week) to provide an immediate Executive Strategic Summary, supporting the Top Management to fast read the market’s trends, performers, opportunities and risks.
  • Sales Planning & Budgeting. With key Clients we are working in support of sales planning activities at global or regional level. We support the Client’s Management on the monthly review of results towards targets and review the next months/years target accordingly. Part o f the process is the support in the Budget activity.
  • Forecast. Based on an protocol defined by our research team, we forecast the industry evolution by single country and single brand and are able to define next years volume at global, regional, local level. Starting with the Covid19 crisis, we release to clients a monthly revised forecast under subscription, covering single months in the current year plus the next five years.