China. Motorcycles sales dropped 58% in the first quarter 2020

Chinese Motorcycles Market lost 58% in the first quarter of the 2020 with a negative peak in February, when sales dropped 85%. While in the next quarters the year-on-year lost will mitigate, the full year 2020 will be the worst in the decade with sales fallen down 26.5%. However, in the 2021 the market will recover the most of volume and the pre-crisis level will be achieved back in 2022.

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SYM. European double-digit growth boosted Global Sales at the new record

SYM motorcycles boosted global sales during the 2019 with a new record of 406.812 sales. The new record was based on European operations, while the manufacturer is growing in all regions, including Latin America, Africa, CIS, East Europe and in Asia. In Taiwan the year was positive while not at the best.

Kymco. Thanks to a Q4 rush, the 2019 ended at the second sales level...

Kymco Motorcycles global sales performance recovered in the 2109 after the slow score in the previous year and - thanks to a year end rush - hit the second highest score ever. Sales are growing in Asia and Latin America, while in Europe the manufacturer stands at the lowest level in the decade.

South Korea motorcycles

South Korea 2019. Two-wheeler market down moderately for the fourth year in a string

South Korea Motorcycles Industry moderately declined in the 2018, keeping the negative trend for the fourth year in a row and ranking only as 31st in the global ranking. Local brands, Daelim and Hyosung keep over 70% of market share while Honda is gaining terrain and BMW is the best brand among premium, despite losing terrain.

Australia. Husqvarna the fastest growing in a market down for the third year in...

Australian Motorcycles Sales Figures in the 2019 has been negative for the third year in a row with 89.199 units, down 6.1% Three Japanese brands dominate the market with over 55% of share, while the fastest growing brand has been Husqvarna (+13%) and Harley-Davidson and Ducati kept declining.