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Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycles. European sales boom contains 2020 lost at 3.6%

Indian Motorcycle has been re-build by Polaris Ind.during the last decade and the custom american brand has been revamped with a robust business model, based on seven motorbike families, apparel, accessories, clubs, mono-brand stores. While the US operations hit the best in the 2017 and then declined, sales are growing in all countries with Europe hitting over 5k units in the 2019

Niu Tech. Facility capacity expansion urged by global 2020 sales boom

Niu is a recently born brand with the mission to invent a new style for urban mobility. The company, Jiangsu Niu Electric Technology Co. is based in Wujin, Changzhou, China since the fall of the 2014 and is projected to achieve the milestone of 1 million e-scooter sold (from business start) by the end of 2019. Probably is - as self-defined - the global leader in the segment.

Gogoro People

Gogoro. Global 2020 sales down while talks are in place for an Indonesian EVs...

Gogoro is boosting sales introducing the new Viva and improving the battery capacity on Gogoro3. The company launched new advanced projects, like the first GoShare launched in the city of Taoyuan (Taiwan). 2019 sales have been over sixth time higher than in the 2017, with sales over the 150.000 units, almost concentrated in Taiwan


SYM. The fantastic performance in Europe is pushing 2020 volume at the new all-time...

SYM motorcycles boosted global sales during the 2019 with a new record of 406.812 sales. The new record was based on European operations, while the manufacturer is growing in all regions, including Latin America, Africa, CIS, East Europe and in Asia. In Taiwan the year was positive while not at the best.

Kymco SuperNext

Kymco. Global sales are resilient losing 13.5% in the first 8 months

Kymco Motorcycles global sales performance recovered in the 2109 after the slow score in the previous year and - thanks to a year end rush - hit the second highest score ever. Sales are growing in Asia and Latin America, while in Europe the manufacturer stands at the lowest level in the decade.

Bajaj Pulsar 200

Bajaj Auto. Hit by Covid 19, global sales in 2020 are losing 50% of...

Bajaj Auto in the 2019 pushed the brake in the global expansion, due to the lost of 12% in the domestic sales in India. Global sales had been 3.6 million, down 0.2 million from the previous year. The growth in several markets, including CIS region and east Europe and the gain of share in Latin America allowed to contain the lost in a negative market environment.

Hero Xtreme 200

Hero Motor. In 2020 sales are projected at 5.5 million, -2.5 from 2018 record

Hero Motors reported in the 2019 the first double-digit lost since 2011 divorce with Honda, hit by the lost in the domestic market which has not been balanced by international activities.  The World's second largest motorcycles company is facing the first difficulty after a series of annual records and in the 2020 should demonstrate the ability to counteract a negative market environment


Italika. The top manufacturer in Mexico & Latin America lost 22% in H1 2020

Italika dominates the fast growing domestic Mexican market and is the best selling brands in the North American region, selling more than the double of the second player, Honda. In the 2019 Italika hit the record of over 700.000 sales, with near 70% of market share in Mexico and strong positions in Guatemala, Honduras and Peru.

Honda Motorcycles. Global first half sales fell down 33%

  Honda Motorcycles global sales decreased 33% in the first half 2020 compared to the same period last year. The most important fall has been registered in the Indian market, with a decrease in sales...

Harley-Davidson. Ready to close India operations after the H1 22.1% fall in global sales

Harley-Davidson has not been able to break the declining trend and in the 2019 scored the lowest performance in this decade. In the 2019 global sales continued to moderately decline with full year at below 218.400 units down 4.6% from the previous year. Despite the boom in ASEAN, sales declined in US, Canada and in Europe.