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Aprilia RSV4 2024

Aprilia 2023. Global Sales Declined 5.6%

Aprilia global sales declined in 2023. Sales have been 65.464 (-5.6%) declining both in Europe and India, the most relevant regions for the manufacturer.


Indian Motorcycles 2023. Sales Declined For The Second Year In A Row

Indian Motorcycles is struggling after years of growth. Sales declined both in 2022 and 2023 and a more dynamic product strategy would be necessary to start the growth again.

Italika 2023. New Sales Record Although Struggling Abroad

Italika Motorcycles hit the 19th record sales in a row. In 2023 sales have been 816.480 (+3.4%) although the plan to expand distribution in the entire region is failing.


SYM 2023. Global Sales Surge Again At Second Best Ever

SYM Motorcycles global sales shine. In 2023 sales grew up in double-digit with 631.181 sales (+7.7%) the second highest level ever, after the 2020 record. Sales are booming in East Europe.

Kymco F9

Kymco 2023. Global Sales Recovered In Double-Digit

Kymco Global sales recovered in 2023. Following the lower score in a decade hit in the previous year, in 2023 sales improved 12.1% at 390K. Great performance in East Europe and North America.


Suzuki 2023. Global Sales Roars At The Top Out Of Last 15 Years

Suzuki Motorcycles is in a fast line. Following the strong increased reported in the previous  two year, in 2023 reached the 1.9 million, back at the best performance in the last decade hit in 2012.

Kawasaki z650rs 2022

Kawasaki 2023. Global Sales Still Below The Half A Million

Kawasaki Global Sales Performance is disappointing. In 2023 sales trend is almost flat ending the year with 483.461 sales (+1.0%) although a strong growth scored in Europe.


Yamaha 2023. Two-Wheeler Global Sales Struggle (-0.9%)

Yamaha Motorcycles Global Sales keep recovering. However, in 2023 the growth was very limited. Indeed, sales have been 4.6 million (+0.8%) still far from the over 6 million reached  decade ago.

Honda MM4

Honda Motorcycles 2023. Global Sales At 18.5 Million

Honda Motorcycles Global Sales keep momentum. In 2023 global 2W sales were 18.5 million (+4.4%), the 4th highest level ever, confirming the absolute leadership in the industry.

Ducati Streetfighter V2

Ducati 2023. Global Sales Declined Although A Powerful Line Up

Ducati Motor is not a World Champion looking at the global sales performance, While all premium competitors keep reporting record on records, in 2023 Ducati sales slipped at 59.789 (-0.5%).