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SYM 2021. Record Sales in Italy (+27%) Not Enough to Offset Global Lost

SYM Motorcycles Global Sales In the 2021, the double-digit lost in the domestic market, due to lower demand, has penalized SYM global performance. Global sales have been 597.456, down 11.7%, at the second all-time score. Italian operations shine.
Kymco F9

Kymco 2021. Sharp Decline in Taiwan and Europe Cut Global Sales

Kymco Motorcycles Sales In the 2021, the decline of domestic market penalized Kymco global performance and sales declined at 417.987 (-15.3%) almost far from the record hit in the 2017. Lost in Taiwan have been 20.6% explaining the entire decline.

Svartpilen 401

Husqvarna 2021. Although Booming Sales in China & Latin America, No Record This Year

Husqvarna missed to hit in 2021 the new record, breaking a series lasting 8 years. Global sales in 2021 were 48.385, down 1.6%. Difficulties in West Europe penalized a performance pushed up by huge scores in China and in Latin America.

Honda Motorcycles 2021. Global Sales Still 4 Million Below the Record

Honda Motorcycles Global Sales recovery is slow. Global sales of motorcycles, scooter and powersport vehicles in 2021 have been 16.8 million, up 11.7%. This level is well below the pre-covid record achieved in 2018 with 20.7 million.

Yamaha 2021. Although a Double-Digit Recovery Global Sales Still at Bottom Level

Yamaha Motorcycles Global Sales in 2021 were below expectations. Following a deep lost reported in the previous year, when global sales declined at the last 15 years lower peak of 3.6 million, in the 2021 Yamaha sales at 4.1 million increased moderately (+13.9%).

Triumph 2021. Global Sales Boomed a Spectacular +34% hitting New Record

Triumph Motorcycles Global Sales in 2021 hit the new all time record with an impressive jump from the previous. Global 2021 sales have been 78.365, up 30.8% thanks to rocketing performance in any single region worldwide.

Kawasaki z650rs 2022

Kawasaki 2021. Global Sales Recovery Still in Place Although Q3 Sharp Fall (-23%)

Kawasaki Global Sales in 2021 have not recovered after the previous year 25% lost. are recovering. Global sales have been flat from the previous year at 564.000, while all other Japanese manufacturers have recovered. Sales boomed in China, but fell down in Europe.

Suzuki 2021. Although Shrinking in Europe, Global Sales Rebound (+33%)

Suzuki Global Sales reported a strong recovery in 2021 when global sales have been pushed up by a strong recovery in China (+93%). The year ended with 1.7 million sales, up 33.3%. European sales fell down 29%.

Harley-Davidson 2021. Global Sales Scored a Shy Recover (+7.8%)

Harley-Davidson Global Sales marginally recovered in 2021. Global registrations were 194.252, up 7.8%, the second worse results in the last 15 years. Really not a great score, even considering the strong performance reported by all the other premium brands in the World.


Ducati 2021. MotoGP Champion Establish New All Time Record Sales

Ducati Motor Global Sales in 2021 Hit the new all time record, jumping very close to the 60.000 sales, with a 21.8% increase from the previous year. The global performance was driven by strong increase in North America (+39.7%) and China (at new record of 4.985, up 21%).