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MV Agusta 2021. Global Sales Performance Up 16.9% After 9 Months

MV Agusta Global Sales Performance in 2021 is growing in double-digit. Year To Date September global sales have been 3.332, up 16.9% vs the 2020 and 371.9% vs the 2019.

Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycles 2021. European Operations Drive Global Sales Towards All Time Record

Indian Motorcycles Global Sales run towards a record 2021. Year to Date September sales were 28.966, up 11.0% vs the 2020 and 47.6% vs the 2019, projecting the year at the new record, around the 35.000 sales. Sales are fast growing in Europe.

Triumph 2021. Global Sales Boomed a Spectacular +34% hitting New Record

Triumph Motorcycles Global Sales are rocketing. Year to Date September sales have been 64.668, up 34.2% vs the 2020 and 43.9% vs the 2019. Top performances achieved in China (+283%), Philippines (+2338%), Vietnam, North America and Europe. Basically anywhere!

BMW 2021. Global Sales Run Towards All Time Record, near 200k

BMW Motorrad Global Sales at New Record in 2021. Year to Date September sales were 157.840, up 13.6% projecting the entire year at the new all time record, not far from the 200.000 milestone. The score is driven by huge increase in China (+50.3%) and Double-digit growth in Europe.

Kawasaki z650rs 2022

Kawasaki 2021. Global Sales Recovery Still in Place Although Q3 Sharp Fall (-23%)

Kawasaki Global Sales in 2021 are recovering. Although the heavy negative Q3 comparison with previous year (-23%) Year to Date September sales were 458.831, up 4.2% vs the 2020 and down 5.6% vs the 2019, projecting near 0.6 million for the entire year.

Ducati 2021. MotoGP Champion Team is Running to Establish New All Time Record Sales

Ducati Motor Global Sales are fast recovering in the 2021. In the first half sales have been 34.331 reporting a robust +43.9% versus the correspondent period in 2020 and a +8.8% vs the 2019. The full year projection is really outstanding with volume projected well ahead of 60.000 units.


SYM 2021. Record Sales in Italy (+27%) Not Offset Global Registration Lost (-8.1%)

SYM Motorcycles Global Sales penalized by domestic market. After nine months of the year Global registrations have been 436.715, down 8.1%, with domestic sales down 12.5% and international sales down 5%. Italy shines.
Kymco F9

Kymco 2021. Domestic Market Decline Penalizes the Global Sales (-16.9%)

Kymco Motorcycles Sales in the 2021 are penalized by the decline of domestic market and year to date September sales at 302.044 reported a lost of 16.9%, due to Taiwan sales down 21% and export down 8.2%.

Suzuki 2021. Global Sales Rebound (+25.9%) Although Shrinking in Europe

Suzuki Global Sales peaked negatively last year. However, in the 2021 Suzuki is recovering and after the first nine months global sales surged at 1.14 million, up 25.9% vs the 2020 and a robust +11% vs the 2019, the best performance among Japanese manufacturers.

Yamaha 2021. Global Sales Down 15.3% in the Third Quarter

Yamaha Motorcycles Global Sales in the first nine months of the 2021 were 3 million, up 15.3% vs the 2020, but down 13.8% vs the 2019. Compared to last year sales improved in all regions, but compared with 2019 declined in double-digit in ASEAN, Indian and Chinese regions, the 3 most relevant for the manufacturers.