Ducati 2023. Global Sales Declined Although A Powerful Line Up

Ducati Streetfighter V2
Ducati Streetfighter V2

Ducati Motor is not a World Champion looking at the global sales performance, While all premium competitors keep reporting record on records, in 2023 Ducati sales slipped at 59.789 (-0.5%).

McD tracks new vehicles registrations across the World (over 80 countries), reporting data on calendar year. When you wish to compare data reported by us to those declared by the manufacturers, consider they usually report their “sales” (vehicles invoiced), which are usually different from “registrations”, accordingly with their fiscal year split. 

Ducati Global Sales Trend

Ducati global sales have been steady in the last ten years in the range of 50-60 thousand sales, while the “premium” segment grew up worldwide, with all the main competitors (BMW, Triumph, Aprilia, KTM) gaining sales and only Harley-Davidson declining.

Ducati reached an over 40.000 sales for the first time in 2000 and to make a step over the 50.000 had to wait for the 2015 (with 52.917 sales). However in 2019 sales were still there (at 52.386) before to be hit by covid arrival in 2020, with sales declined 5k down, shifted in the following year, the 2021, when Ducati reached a record of 58.311 sales.

In 2022 sales grew up again, first time over the 60k, at 60.066, but in 2023 the sales slipped a little at 59.789 (-0.5%).

Sales declined in Europe (-4.2%), Asia (China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan) (-3.4%), ASEAN (-5.8%) and Indian region (-14.1%). In North America a shy growth (+2.3%) and LATAM was the only really positive region, with sales up 46.8%, thanks to a great contribution from Brazil and Argentina.

The entrance in the motocros segment seems a why to expand volume, but in our opinion there are many other opportunities lost with the current street line up, as shown by main competitors more brilliant performances.