5 Fundamental Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Kids’ Helmet


Wearing a helmet is vital for both adults and kids. Children’s anatomy is smaller and more delicate, thus making them more vulnerable to injuries. It makes wearing a helmet even more important. Whether you are taking them on a two-wheeler or your kid is driving a motorbike himself, wearing a helmet is a must. 

The markets are swarmed with different styles of kids’ motorbike helmets. Here are the questions to ask before buying them to find the best one. 

Is the Helmet Safe? 

The essential thing that matters while buying a helmet is the safety that it offers. Always consider the safety of the helmet as a top priority while choosing this protective gear for your child. 

As stated, the markets are full of tons of helmet manufacturers. While some may adhere to the latest safety protocol mandated by the relevant safety authorities, others may not. Always invest your money in the former options, and be rest assured about the safety of your little one. A good-quality branded helmet is manufactured using the best thermoplastic materials and ABS shell. 

What is the Right Size of the Helmet? 

The second thing you need to decide while purchasing a kids’ helmet is its size. Many parents overlook this factor and end up buying ill-fitted gear. If you do not get the right size, wearing a helmet would not be comfortable for them. As a result, they will find excuses for not wearing it. 

Getting the right size of a helmet is no rocket size. All you need is a tailor’s tape to measure and find the best fit. Wrap the tip around your child’s heat to measure the circumstances in inches and millimetres and tally the measurements against the chart if you buy online.

What is the Suitable Style of the Helmet? 

Style matters whether you are buying the helmet for yourself or your child. Children do not take on anything if they do not like it. Thus, to encourage them to wear the helmet without you having to supervise them constantly, it is good to go for the style that appeals to their taste. 

Modern motorbike helmets for kids come in many attractive designs. Some of them also include graphics of their favourite superhero or cartoon character. All these features may impress your little one, and they may want to buy that style of helmet. 

What is the Price of the Helmet? 

There are a plethora of options in the market when it comes to buying children’s helmets. The more bells and whistles you choose, the costlier the helmet gets. In many cases, all you need for your little one is to stay protected. 

A standard affordable helmet comes with an ABS shell construction and soft inner lining. It also includes some padding inside and a quick release strap mechanism that makes it convenient for the child to wear and take off the helmet with ease. 

Is the Helmet Comfortable? 

The comfort of your kid’s helmet is equally important. Always check the comfort of the helmet. If everything appears to be in order and there are no jutting sharp edges or stitching on the inner side, give it a thumbs up. 

It would be best to make your child try the helmet to check the level of comfort. If you are buying the gear online, look for ventilation, soft cushioning, inner lining, etc. 


Asking these above-listed questions to the seller before buying the helmet for your little one will help you make the right choice. We hope this buying guide helps you in making the right choice. Shop now.