Global Sales Database

Global Sales Database we collect is the widest worldwide and the only one including sales figures for over 80 Markets, All Brands and All Models.


  • We acquire data from over 200 different sources, including national Ministers of Transportations, local official agency, manufacturers or distributors associations.
  • We track on monthly base all new two-wheeler vehicle sales from 2012 to the present days.
  • We forecast next months/years evolutions for all regions, all markets, all segments, all brands, including electric segment.
  • We apply a Standard Global Segmentation of all models in the database to provide output segmented by:
    • Brand
    • Model
    • Type (moped, scooter, motorcycles, tricycles, tuk-tuk, ATV, others)
    • Wheels (2,3,4)
    • Category (street, off-road, touring, sport,…)
    • Actual CC
    • CC-class (including EVs, Hybrid)
    • Stroke/ABS

In addition, with regards to the Electric Vehicles, we have additional segmentation regarding:

    • Battery Capacity
    • Battery Type
    • Top speed (km/h)
    • Max range in Km
    • Battery removable (Yes or Not)


  • We custommade the report to each single client, including the option to use the individual segmentation applied by the client.