Italika 2023. New Sales Record Although Struggling Abroad


Italika Motorcycles hit the 19th record sales in a row. In 2023 sales have been 816.480 (+3.4%) although the plan to expand distribution in the entire region is failing.

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Global Sales Trend

Italika, the Mexican Motorcycles Manufacturer, in on an astonishing record track since over a decade and last year confirmed again the growth.

Born in 2005, the company has always increased annual sales and now this is the 19th record in a row.

Indeed, in 2023 sales have been 816.480 (+3.4) although difficulties in Guatemala (-4.6%) and Peru (-64.3%) and the exit from both Panama and Costa Rica.

Thanks to this result, the Mexican Motorcycles manufacturers is the 10th largest manufacturers in the World.


Italika Heritage and Development

Italika is a new emerging motorcycles manufacturer headquartered in Toluca, Mexico. Despite this brand is not much known in the rest of the World, in Central America it represents a phenomenal success with an unrivalled performance since the foundation.

The company is born in the 2005 under the umbrella of a large Mexican conglomerate, the Salinas Group, with the idea to local assembly low-cost two-wheels based on Asian technology, design, components and parts. 

Indeed the start-up was focused on creating a domestic network to distribute models assembled in the local plant, but designed by the a Korean firm which was producing motorcycles and scooters for the brand Hyosung.

However, already after few years, Italika ambitions grew up and in short-term they have moved inside all the process and the current models line-up has been designed in Mexico and locally produced, in the Toluca factory, which capacity has been expanded at 750.000 units per year.

Italika dominates the Mexican market and last year even increased the market share, thanks to over 2.500 point of sales and a line up which cover any segment any any engine size and type (with a maximum of 300 cc, as required by the markets of reference).