CF Moto 2023. Global Sales Increased Over 22% Hitting New Best Ever Score


CF Moto continues to hit record after records. In 2023 the global sales increased over 22% with strong performance both in powersport and motorcycles segments.

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Zhejiang CF Moto Power Co., Ltd. engages in the development, manufacture and sale of motorcycles and scooters, all terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, boat and powersports engines. While the brand CF Moto exist in China since 1989,the current company was founded on December 9, 2003 and is headquartered in Hangzhou, China.

The Company’s main products include 400cc to 800cc displacement section of the four-wheel all-terrain vehicles, 125cc-250cc small displacement motorcycles, 250cc-500cc medium displacement motorcycles, 500cc or more larger displacement motorcycles. The Company’s products are mainly used in outdoor operations, industrial constructions, sports and leisure, fire patrols, military defense and other fields.

Quoted in 2016 at Shanghai Stock Exchange, the companies is rolling out record after records becoming one of the most successful Chinese brands internationally, with 2023 revenue record exceeding the 13 Bln Yuan (+27%).

CF Moto is the leader Chinese ATV / RUV (side by side) vehicles, exporting 73% of total sector in near 100 countries worldwide with three product series: CForce, UForce  and ZForce. The powersport business represents over 60% of the revenue and over 66% of the vehicles sold.


However, in China the brand is famous for the motorcycles line-up, the only “premium” offer among Chinese brands, with a range of sporty two wheeler, and with the best seller in the 250 cc class, the 250NK.

In last years, the two-wheeler sales worldwide increased considerably and now this segment represents over one third of the company revenues, with engines from 125 to 800 cc and a distinctive attractive design. IN 2023, global two wheeler sales reached the milestone of over 100.000 units for the first time.

CF Moto is industrial and commercial partners of Pierer Industry AG, the holder of KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas brands. Together they hold a join venture in China (controlled 51% by Zhejiang CF Moto Power Co, which is the exclusive distributor for KTM in China with a plant with 50.000 units annual capacity (and expansion to 100.000).

In the 2020 the company kept the rolling growing trend, reporting global sales increase by 23% and hitting the fifth all time record in a row, with 128.849 vehicles sold in the World (around 40% in China and the rest in near 100 countries).