United States 2024. In Q1 Harley-Davidson (+6.7%) Takes Leadership Out Of Honda


United States Motorcycles market starts 2024 with a small growth. First quarter sales were 126.250 (+0.4%) while Harley-Davidson (+6%) kept the leadership out of Honda hands. At least for a while.


U.S.A. Motorcycles Market Trend

The two-wheeler market in the United States is the 14th largest in the World and one of the more stable, with annual volume steady in the range of around half a million since over a decade.

External factors, like economic crisis or boom, changes in political sustain to the industry, covid and others have only marginally affected the industry, probably because of the market itself.

Infact, the market is basically composed of street motorcycles, while the scooter segment – always very small – in not growing up.

For Americans, a motorcycle is a typical vehicle to ride free outside congested metropolitan town and they purchase just for leisure, life style, than for usage. People using motorcycle to commute to work are few.

American were purchasing the local icon, Harley-Davidson, while now, with arrival of several new brands with a wide product range and with the decline of Harley-Davidson, customers take the opportunity to make new experience.

In 2024 the market started without new wind and the first quarter sales were 126.250, up a little 0.4%. However, this quarter is marginally relevant and in the Q2 the trend could be changed by the high season period sales.

Although the available incentives are among the highest worldwide, the electric 2-Wheeler market is still marginal, but in the first quarter sales increased a good 22.5%.

In the competitive arena, having finally scored a year-on-year growth, Harley-Davidson took back the leadership out of Honda hands, with registrations up 6.7%, while Honda sales slipped 0.8%. 

Third place of the podium confirmed by Kawasaki  although sales were down 1.2%.

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