The Surge of Electric Motorcycles: Safety Implications on Urban Roads


Greener transportation solutions are popping up all over the place. Electric cars may have been the pioneering innovation that started it. Thus, electric motorcycles have also made their appearance on the roads as well. We’ll discuss these bikes in particular and the safety implications pertaining to its use on urban roadways.

Needless to say, roadways in urban settings are more congested compared to rural ones. With this in mind, there are plenty of obstacles that could pose a safety hazard for those on electric motorcycles. Let’s discuss some of the safety aspects and why it’s important to have them on these bikes.



Regulating your speed in urban roadways will be critical. You will be doing a lot of stopping – especially in situations where traffic will be higher in volume. Electric motorcycles will have acceleration capabilities that are excellent with the help of the instant torque it provides. There are no needs to shift gears or rev up the engine – which is typical for bikes that operate with regular gas engines.

Acceleration can be a blessing when it comes to navigating through traffic. However, it can be a curse for inexperienced riders because of the possibility of the bike’s power being underestimated. For this reason, those who have little to no experience should receive training and awareness to help them manage their electric motorcycle safely.


Noise levels

Electric motorcycles are much quieter – especially when it’s compared to gas-powered bikes laying claim to having the quietest engine on the market. The caveat here is that it can still generate some noise from the belt and motor, but it won’t be as loud on the ears as normal motorcycles. Still, quiet is a great benefit to have.

The low noise levels do present a bit of a double-edged sword. While quiet is good, it can also be a safety concern. Because of its lack of loudness, pedestrians and motorists may not be aware of its presence close to them. Thus, the risk of accidents will increase. In order to reduce such incidents, audible warning systems or raising awareness to pedestrians and motorists could be the best solutions.

Vehicles of every size may be involved in these accidents – including large trucks. Seeking compensation from a truck accident is possible if you are ever involved as an electric motorcycle rider. However, both you and the truck driver must have a mutual awareness of each other’s vehicles and the possible safety risks that exist. It is the best approach in today’s age where vehicles with less noise are increasingly becoming present.


Overall rider experience

An electric motorcycle could be a slightly more expensive investment compared to other vehicles. However, it’s important to remember that you’ll want to learn how to ride an electric motorcycle properly before putting down any money on one. Find a motorcycle safety course (especially if they involve electric ones) in your local area. They will allow you not only hands-on experience, but also acquire an understanding of the safety implications involving electric motorcycles.


Final Thoughts

Electric motorcycles are looking like they are here to stay. However, if you plan on riding one, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the safety implications that may arise. On the other hand, motorists should also be extra vigilant of their surroundings in urban areas. Especially when electric vehicles of any kind are also on the roadways.

The lack of noise (for example) can be a safety hazard – thus giving more than enough reason for motorists and pedestrians to be aware. While electric motorcycles are fun to ride, being mindful of safety is critical to make the overall experience enjoyable.