Motorcycle Edition: Top Tips For Staying Safe on The Road for Beginners


The idea of getting onto your motorcycle, pulling a helmet over your head and revving out of the garage and onto the free road is a feeling that many people cling to to experience true bliss. For those interested in either acquiring a motorcycle or for those who are new to the hobby and sport, there are a few things that you need to know when it comes to road safety.

This article aims to shed light on a few aspects that may not be common knowledge and could be extremely helpful for motorcyclists navigating the roads safely, especially for newcomers to the hobby.

Road Rules

A huge thing to remember when it comes to operating a motorcycle is that it is very different from driving a car. Not only in terms of the stewarding of the machinery but also in how you are seen and treated on the road. Now, whilst you might be an excellent motorcycle driver, unfortunately, some car drivers don’t think motorcycles deserve as much space or right of passage as fellow cars. This means that you often have to think for others when driving a motorcycle. The amount of people who have had to hire a car accident lawyer in jacksonville because they did not give the motorcycle right of way is huge. As a motorcycle driver, you have just as much right to be on the road as a car driver. However, many people don’t always see you as they’re looking for cars when turning or coming to a roundabout, therefore, you need to proceed with great care and attention.

Road rules should be plain and simple, yet, the bigger and stronger you are, the more chances you are going to take. If you find yourself even on the biggest and meanest motorcycle, you are definitely faster and stronger than many cars but you are not larger and on the road, size matters. You must always keep an eye on what you are doing but also on how others on the road are operating, so that you can maneuver safely through the roads and freeways.

Safety Wear

One of the most important things to note when it comes to getting on a motorcycle is that you do not have the usual metal and cushioning protecting you in the form of four sides as with a car. On a motorcycle, you get that adrenaline rush of being free but that comes with well, being free and open atop a piece of heavy and fast machinery. Therefore, when it comes to the safety that you can control, namely how you drive your motorcycle and what you wear on your motorcycle, becomes increasingly important the more you ride. Focussing on the latter, you must cover your body completely, you want to minimize the amount of skin exposure that you have.

Starting from the top, be sure to find a helmet that truly offers support. There are many helmets out there that look a bit like the helmets people wear when going rollerblading or skateboarding, those turtle shell-like helmets that essentially only cover the top of your head. Now, the aim here is not to put certain pieces of equipment down, but rather to outline ways in which you can easily increase your safety. You might want to consider getting a full-face helmet, the reason for this is that you want to protect your jaw, ears, nose and general face area. Protecting only the head is one way to do it, but finding a helmet that is well-cushioned and protects your face in its entirety is advised. Furthermore, you should also wear clothing that is both comfortable and safe. As you have already probably seen many times before, motorcycle drivers often wear a full outfit of leather. The reason for this is that it is one of the thickest, if not the thickest, forms of clothing so that you stay warm and safe when hopping aboard a motorcycle.

Know Your Machine

A massively important aspect to understand when it comes to either acquiring a motorcycle or riding one is knowing the ins and outs of it. When it comes to machinery, especially motorcycles, you must know how every part works so that you stay safe on the road and also know what you are doing. Now, you do not need to know mechanic-level details about the motorcycle, as you hopefully won’t be needing to change any parts at any point by yourself but you do need to know what your machine is made of. It’s vital that you can easily control the speed and strength of the motorcycle, so that you are never left off guard or find yourself in a position where you’re driving faster than you realize. Furthermore, being able to handle the weight is also of massive importance. Knowing and being able to handle the weight of the motorcycle is paramount to your success in driving it. Think about it, if your motorbike is too heavy for you and you feel that you can’t easily mount or dismount it, this could cause a problem. Therefore, knowing how fast, how strong and how heavy the motorbike is, plus a few details regarding the fuel, oil and general features it has is crucial.