Israel 2024. Motorcycles Market Hit By Conflict In Place


Israel Motorcycles Market sharply hit by the conflict in place. Although positive YTD September, full year 2023 sales have been 19.413 (-8.1%) and the current trend is down near 50%.

Israel represents the largest motorcycles industry in the Levant region and in recent years reported a steady positive path, near doubling annual volumes during the last decade.

However, since the October 7th terrorist attack and the consequence we are assisting any day, the market dropped, as most of consumer’s good activities. The 2023 total sales have been 19.413 (-8.1%), but the market was growing until Q3 and then dropped over the half.

First data on 2024 confirms the dramatic market decline.

The market is dominated by four brands, SYM, Honda, Yamaha and Kymco which hold together 73.2% of market share. 

The market leader, since a decade – a part the 2015 – is the Taiwanese SYM and in 2023 the Korean manufacturer confirmed the leadership although sales declined 14.6%

The second, Honda, lost only the third, Yamaha (-11.1%) while Kymco gained 7.0%.


SYM Mio 50