Kenya 2023. Two-Wheeler Market Lost Near 50% At Lowest In 15 Years

Bajaj Auto Boxer X125
Bajaj Auto Boxer X125

Kenya Motorcycles Industry is falling down. Following the over 40% fall reported last year, in 2023 the market lost again 49.3% reaching the lowest out of the last 15 years.

Kenyan Motorcycles Market 2023

Following years of rapid development, in 2022 the Kenyan motorcycles market lost rapidly starting a negative trend still in place.

Consumer demand is low hit by double-digit inflation rate increase with skyrocketing cost of living forcing people to make only selected purchase and the motorcycles industry, the primary mobility sector in the country struggles.

It is estimated that near 50% of people living in the urban areas owns a two-wheeler and it seems this is not the right time to invest in a new vehicles, considering the climate changes this year have sharply hit the country with a prolonged caresty and cost on imported food is at the highest, even for the effects of Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Following the over 40% fall reported in 2022, in 2023 the market kept falling down losing an additional 49.2% and reaching the lowest level out of the last 15 years with only 68.835 sales.

Kenyan Motorcycles Market Overview

The Kenyan two and three wheeler market is one the largest in the entire African Continent while the challenges to boost in the next decade are relevant.

The motorcycles can be very adaptive to unpaved roads, which are still the majority in the country, and in the huge traffic jam of the few metropolitan areas. For this reason, the new motorcycles market is over 10 times bigger than the car market.

As the pro capita income is growing up, the two market is growing and this will continue for the entire decade.

The last years growth has been outstanding. The market exceed the 100.000 units in the 2013 for the first time keeping growing up to reach over three time volume. In the 2021, posting the 5th all time record in a string, the market hit the 273.000 sales.

The market peculiarities are similar to other low-income markets: motorcycles are over 90% of the industry, with rare scooter or underbone models. While premium brands are represented in the country, the 99.9% of sales are concentrated in the 100-150 cc segment dominated by Indian and Chinese manufacturers.

The best segment is the Street Commuter, allowing the transportation of more people (although the limit of two is, of course, valid in Kenya as in all the World).

The market leader is the Indian Bajaj Auto ahead of a group of Indian and Chinese manufacturers.