Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Motorcycle


From the excitement and freedom of hitting the open road to the thrilling feeling of wind on your skin, owning a motorbike can be a dream come true. However, you can only enjoy these benefits if you choose a bike that is the right fit for you. Read on for five factors you need to consider before buying a motorcycle.

1.   The actual cost of ownership

The first thing you need to consider when buying a motorbike is the price. How much are you willing to spend on your purchase? A motorbike fit for a beginner could cost you around $5,000 to $10,000. Do not just consider the purchasing cost when planning your budget. Other things you need to consider include;

a)    Insurance

Accidents could happen to anyone and at any time. You need to prepare for unforeseen risks by getting an auto insurance cover for your bike. It’s also vital to remember the importance of regular bike insurance renewal to ensure continuous protection for your motorbike against potential risks. Shop around for auto insurance quotes before zoning on one that fits within your budget.

b)    Gear

You need to consider the cost of personal protective gear, such as helmets, boots, and gloves to ensure safety.

c)     Maintenance and equipment

Your motorbike needs regular maintenance to improve its functionality. You should factor in the cost of replacing tires, drive belts, chains, and regular oil changes when determining the maintenance cost.

It is also recommended to invest in a high quality motorcycle cover, especially if you own a classic Harley Davidson. It helps shield your bike from various weather elements that can cause significant damage to the bike’s paint, metal, and other parts over time, leading to costly repairs or replacements.
Moreover, a cover also prevents dust, debris, and other particles from settling on your motorcycle’s surface, which can cause scratches, rust, and corrosion. Regularly covering your Harley will save you time and effort on cleaning and overall maintenance.

2.   Individual needs

Will you be riding for long or short distances? Will you be traveling in lots of traffic? Daily or occasional commute? Motorcycles come in distinct sizes and shapes, so evaluating how you intend to use your bike makes selecting one easier.  If, for instance, you want to use your bike for your daily commute, a comfortable bike that gets more miles to the gallon should be top of your list.

3.   Know your options

Motorbikes come in different types, each with distinct features. Some of the different types of motorbikes in the market include sport bikes, cruisers, sport touring, dual-purpose, and touring, among others. You should consider how you intend to use your bike, where you plan to use it, and your experience level to determine the right option for you. Conduct in depth research, read reviews and consult an expert for more insights on the right type of bike to purchase.

4.   Avoid overestimating your abilities

While it is tempting to go for the fastest and most powerful ride in the market, you should ensure that the bike’s performance matches your experience. As a newbie, opt for a smaller bike to master basic riding skills and gain experience and confidence. You can upgrade to a stronger and faster motorcycle model once you are comfortable with your riding skills.

5.   Opt for a bike that fits your body

Do not base your choice of a motorbike on its appearance online and performance. Since bikes come in different sizes and shapes, you should try a ride for size and even take it out for a spin. This helps determine a bike that feels comfortable and appropriate for your body size.


With the various motorbike brands in the market, each with different features, sizes, and shapes, purchasing a bike can be challenging. Consider the above factors to choose a bike that meets your needs.