Gasket kit for motorcycle: what it is, how to choose it and replace it


What is a Gasket Kit and What is its Function?

Generally speaking, a gasket kit is often used to replace a faulty, broken, or damaged gasket. An actual gasket is an implementation that is used to hold different components of a motorcycle together. For instance, engine gaskets are used to bind the varying parts of a motorbike’s engine. They are often made from weather-resistant rubber, but due to their design, they can sometimes get damaged or worn over time.

When this happens, finding a suitable replacement can make a lot of difference, as the pieces sealed by the old gasket can take damage if left as they are. This is why it’s recommended to check the condition of gaskets from time to time, simply to ensure that they are functioning as they should be – with the overall health and performance of your motorcycle being a priority.

Why Might You Need to Replace a Motorbike Gasket?

The main role of a gasket is to act as the ‘middle-man’ between components. Rubber gaskets can help to seal components and stop leaks from occurring, but as they are often exposed, they can get damaged as time goes by or from impacts, leakages, or even extreme temperatures. When it comes to replacing a gasket, whether it’s for the engine or another part of your bike – experts suggest doing so whenever you take one component apart for cleaning or maintenance. A gasket kit is exactly the solution needed, as the old piece can be removed and replaced with a new one from the kit itself.

Which Gasket Kit Should You Choose?

When it comes to selecting the right gasket kit for your needs, it can be a good idea to consider the price, quality and reliability of both the product and the provider you are buying from. Athena is here to provide you with both in-house manufactured products alongside high-prestige brands, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive nothing short of top replacement parts and more every time you shop here. In the extensive product catalog, there are an array of complete engine gasket kits for all the motorcycle makes and models you love, made using the latest technology and materials on the market and laser-tuned and treated for the highest performance possible. All of this comes at an affordable price point for each product, whether it comes from a reputable, partnered brand or manufactured right in the Athena workshop.

How to Replace Engine Gaskets

Most motorcycle owners will already understand the importance of being able to handle at least a few bike maintenance tasks and changing engine gaskets can be one of them. If in doubt, always turn to the help of a dedicated and licensed mechanic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t attempt to handle the replacement on your own.

To do so, ensure that the area is clear and if you can, try to raise the engine securely. This is often where most people will be put off of gasket changes as they don’t have the tools required to take care of the overall replacement. If you do, aim to remove as much of the previous gasket as possible. If it has crumbled or is splitting into pieces, a pair of pliers can help with this.

Once you’ve removed as much as you possibly can, you’ll need to separate the parts to access the rest and then clean the entire area ready for the new gasket. Keep in mind that the job of a gasket is to act as a seal between components, so a clean surface area ready for the next gasket should be a top priority, as any bumps or uneven surfaces can affect the new piece.

To be safe, we recommend taking your kit to a mechanic or a workshop, but if you feel confident enough to make the upgrade yourself, you could always attempt a little DIY and see how it goes.