How Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After A Motorcycle Crash


Motorcycle riders have so much to enjoy. They could avoid heavy traffic, and come to school or work early. In most cases, they could avoid being late, thus, they may hurry to be on time.  As a result, they may figure in accidents.

Seeking the help of a personal injury lawyer is among their first options. It’s safe to say that it’s the second-best thing to surviving a motor accident.

Personal injury lawyers are the type of legal practitioners who handle negligence and tort cases. Typically, personal lawyers work on how victims or clients can recover their money. In the context of motorcycle accidents, personal injury lawyers play a vital role in going after insurance companies.

If you got involved in a motorcycle crash, you could consider hiring a law firm that specializes in personal injury. To know the process of how personal injury lawyers negotiate for settlement, read on!

  1. Consultation Phase

No matter how careful and prepared motorcycle drivers are, accidents can still happen. After the accident, involved rider/s could consult personal injury lawyers. If you’re looking for one, you may find one online, or you may be referred to one by a fellow rider. During this phase, the following details are sourced for the case:

  • medical expenses
  • legal options
  • severity of conditions
  • availability of the defendant
  • witnesses and evidence
  1. Investigation

The personal injury lawyer will then investigate the personal injury claim, including CCTV footage, testimonies from witnesses, medical documents, police reports, and earning capacity of the involved parties, among others.

In most cases, personal injury lawyers discuss what happened with doctors, road engineers, and other persons that could provide helpful insights to the case. Personal injury lawyers could also secure evidence from video surveillance, statements of witnesses, and the vehicle’s black box to tell the car’s real condition. A legal firm with seasoned lawyers, like Townsend Law, can help in delving into what really happened.

  1. Demand

After the initial investigation, the personal injury lawyer can start crafting a demand letter for settlement, banking on the medical costs, lost wages, and damages for suffering and loss of enjoyment. This is a crucial part as this may tell how reliable your legal pursuit is.

In addition, personal injury lawyers could seek benefits from insurance companies, especially the ones who are trying to get away with the car and driver insurance. This is just one of the cases under the umbrella of personal injury that could go after compensatory damages.

  1. Filing A Lawsuit

Personal injury lawyers could file a lawsuit if the attempt to settle didn’t end up positively on the client’s end. In filing a lawsuit, seasoned attorneys already know the tactics of sourcing out additional pieces of evidence that could be advantageous to their clients.

  1. More Investigation, More Discoveries

In this phase, every party conducts a thorough investigation. Each tries to obtain new pieces of evidence that could be beneficial during court hearings. It’s a good point to note that both parties are likely to claim that the other party’s the one at-fault. In connection to this, both parties dig deeper for additional pieces of evidence that can support their respective claims. A new witness may testify or a new footage can be retrieved.

  1. Mediation

Typically, the judge, or anyone with legal knowledge, might approach both parties. They’ll talk everything out to avoid trial. In most cases, this serves as an informal proceeding that may change the decisions of persons involved.

In this scenario, a personal injury lawyer may attempt to settle again for their client’s gain. However, this is chess match for the legal teams of both parties. So, only the wise ones take the upper hand in this situation. This is to avoid the trial and reach a settlement favorable to the client.

  1. Trial

If the mediation or any attempt to resolve the matter fails, the trial will push through. In most cases, the jury decides on this matter based from the submitted facts and pieces of evidence. Then, the jury determines who’s at fault and awards the compensation damages.

  1. Appeal

The losing party could file for an appeal. Reputable personal injury lawyers could help overturn the court decision. If you’re in this scenario, you may want to do so. You may take it to the higher court for them to decide who’s really at fault.

Wrapping Up

Accidents do happen unexpectedly, and one of these is motorcycle crash. That’s why personal injury lawyers are just a call away when needed. These lawyers have the experience, talent, and skills necessary to win your case. But, before you hire the services of a personal injury lawyer, make sure you hire someone who has the right expertise for the type of case you’re involved in to ensure success.