6 Tips To Avoid A Car Accident As A Motorcycle Rider


While a motorcycle is a convenient mode of transportation, it’s also very risky to ride. Road cracks, bumps, wet pavements, and other roadblocks can easily cause a rider to get outbalanced. Getting side-swept by other vehicles is also a huge risk while on the road.

There are, however, several measures you can put in place to be safe when you’re riding a motorcycle. If this is what you’ve been in search of, look no further. Below are six valuable tips you can follow to avoid getting involved in car accidents:

  1. Take An Advanced Safety Course

Taking a motorcycle safety course is one of the first things you should do if you want to be a more cautious and careful rider. In these courses, for instance, you’ll learn about lowering the risks of getting involved in a car accident by legal experts like Raphaelson & Levine law firm.

This course only takes around one to three days to complete. The instructor will first give theoretical instructions and students will be given practical, hands-on driving tests. Some of the main areas that will be emphasized in this advanced course are;

  • Brake Control
  • Road Speed Cornering
  • Throttle Control
  • Vision Techniques
  • Line Selection
  • Evasive Maneuvers
  • Taking Low-Speed Turns

Taking this advanced safety course is advisable regardless of whether you’re an experienced or amateur motorcycle rider. It provides drivers with safety tips and teaches the proper behavior and foresight that one must have while on the road.

  1. Keep Your Distance From Vehicles

Car drivers are covered by their vehicle’s metal shell that acts as some kind of barrier whenever a collision happens. Motorcycle drivers, however, don’t have that same protection due to the nature and build of a two-wheeled vehicle.

Hence, a motorcycle driver is more exposed to injuries and harmful elements when a crash happens—no matter who was at fault. Because of this, you should keep your distance from cars whenever you’re driving a motorcycle.

To maintain a proper distance from other vehicles on the road, these are the main things to remember:

  • Don’t put yourself in between vehicles on a multi-lane road.
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles that join your lane.

By observing these safety measures, you’ll more likely reduce the chances of colliding with other drivers.

  1. Stay Focused When Riding Your Motorcycle

Many accidents happen because some drivers don’t pay attention to the road while driving. This is a crucial mistake you should avoid if you’re serious about safeguarding your safety. By being extra vigilant, you lower the chances of getting involved in a car crash by always having the notion that other drivers may not be seeing you on the road. Therefore, you’re less likely to be involved in an accident by sticking to this defensive driving approach.

You must always be very keen and alert while riding your motorcycle. This is because a motorbike is more prone to road mishaps, and even the slightest mistake means that you’re highly likely to get involved in an accident.

  1. Never Drink And Drive

Drinking and driving is heavily discouraged even for car drivers, more so when you’re driving a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle requires perfect coordination and balance, which will be heavily affected after drinking alcohol. Having alcohol in your system can likely reduce your reaction time, and you’re more likely going to make irrational decisions that can result in a crash.

  1. Observe Speed Limits

The idea of speeding your motorbike is very tempting. However, you should resist this temptation as much as possible since the quicker you’re traveling, the harder it is to react to sudden hazards. Traveling at greater speeds also increases the impact of sudden collisions.

Conversely, you should aim to follow the speed limits that are often placed on back roads, sharp turns, residential areas, and highways. Doing this avoids any confrontation with law enforcement agencies. It also ensures that you never run into a vehicle or pedestrian and experience difficulty turning and hydroplaning due to high speeds.

  1. Maintain Your Motorcycle Regularly

Just like cars, your motorcycle needs routine maintenance. Some motorbike riders often disregard this, but you shouldn’t make the same mistake. Instead, you need to prioritize routine motorcycle maintenance, and this includes inspecting the following:

  • Tires
  • Turn signals
  • Engine
  • Headlamps
  • Brakes

Aside from the brakes, you need to make sure your turn signals and headlamps are working perfectly because these help other drivers recognize your vehicle on the street—especially at night.


You may have bought your motorcycle to enjoy agility, speed, fuel-efficiency, and open-air driving. Many individuals have also started looking at motorcycles as a convenient mode of transportation amidst the pandemic. However, the risk of getting involved in a fatal crash is very high. Because of that, you must put into effect the safety measures mentioned above whenever you’re planning to drive a motorbike.