Global Motorcycles Classification. McD Defines New Standards In Vehicles Classification

Ying-Te Lien concept
Ying-Te Lien concept

Global Motorcycles Classification. McD has defined a new Global Standards in vehicles classification for the industry, in cooperation with the global partners, for 2&3 Wheelers and Powersport. This classification is applied to all reports for all countries.

McD operates purchasing new vehicles monthly registration figures in 80+ countries in the World. Raw data collected is deeply analyzed and classified.
Thanks to the co-operations with our Clients and Partners, we have been able to set up a new Global Standard in vehicles classification for any category included in the “motorcycles industry.
We have closely worked to categorize the scooter/underbone category with Peugeot, Kymco, Bosch and others.
In the Powersport we strongly interact with BRP,  Polaris and others.
In Motorcycles category we strongly interact with KTM, Triumph, Harley-Davidson, BMW, TVS Motor, Royal Enfield, Hero Motor, CF Moto and others.

The benefit of this activity is for the entire industry.

Before us, the model classification was different between any region in the World even within the same company. Today, while all OEMs are operating with a global view, the market analysis is simplified for all.


McD Global Classification includes:

    • Brand
    • Model
    • Category (2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, powersport, others)
    • Body Type (moped, scooter, motorcycles, tricycles, commercial, ATV, others)
    • Segments (street, off-road, touring, sport,…)
    • Actual CC
    • CC-class (including EVs, Hybrid)
    • Wheels (2,3,4)

In addition, with regards to the Electric Vehicles, we have additional segmentation regarding:

    • Battery Capacity (Watt)
    • Battery Type
    • Top speed (km/h)
    • Max range in Km
    • Battery removable (Yes or Not)