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United States. Q1 sales down in double-digit hit by Covid19

United States Motorcycles Market positive start was frozen in March by the spread of Covi19 and the first quarter 2020 sales have been 145.996, down 10.6%. At the end of February, Harley-Davidson Chief Executive Matt Levatich resigned, leaving the motorcycle maker after years of declining sales and limited success attracting younger riders to its iconic brand.

Brazilian Motorcycles Market

Brazil. In April Motorcycles sales collapsed 94% despite Bolsonaro’s crazy approach to Covid19

Brazilian Motorcycles Market kept the positive path in the Q1 2020 with sales up 3% at 276.759 units. However, the good times are gone and despite Bolsonaro's approach to Covid19 has been to "deny and defy", keeping the "economy first" approach and putting million lives at risk, we foresee a 13% sales lost for the motorcycles industry in 2020 and further fall in the 2021

Ecuador Motorcycles

Ecuador. Year-end sales rush pulled the 2019 motorcycles market at the third record in...

Ecuador Motorcycles Market rushed in the fourth quarter of the 2019 recovering after three negative quarters, ending the 2019 at the new all time record, the third in a row, with 174.895 sales, up 4.3%. The market leader is the Chinese Shineray with 16% of market share, followed by Suzuki and the local brand Daytona. Honda struggles in 11th place.

Peruvian Motorcycles

Peru. Italika & KTM are fast growing dominating their segment

Peruvian Motorcycles Market has lost speed in the 2019, following three consecutive all-time records. The market declined 5.7% hit by less positive economic environment and increased taxation. However, it remains one of the largest in the World, ranking in 26th place, with over 200 brands fighting. The leader is Honda, but many brands shines, including Ronco, Italika and KTM.

Argentine Motorcycles Market

Argentina. In Q1 2020 the motorcycles industry at the lowest level out of last...

Argentine Motorcycles Market ended the first quarter 2020 at the lowest level in the last 20 years, keeping the awful trend taken in the previous two years, hit by the economic crisis. Considering the persistent negative outlook for the rest of the year, we fear the bankrupt for the local manufacturers in case the government will not sustain the industry.

Mexico. Following a long records series, in 2020 Motorcycles Sales will fall 21%

Mexico Motorcycles Market near doubled sales in the period 2014-2019 reaching over 1 million annual sales and surging in the 9th place worldwide, second in America, after Brazil. The market is dominated by local brands, with Italika holding near 70% of the market and Vento and Caravella in the podium.