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Ecuador 2020. Motorcycles industry was resilient losing 7.5%. Shineray on top of the list

Ecuador Motorcycles industry in the last decade boomed becoming a strong reality for the Latin America market. In 2020 the market was resilient with 160.900 sales (-7.5%), scoring the third highest level ever. The Chinese Shineray is market leader ahead of two local manufacturers.


Argentina 2020. Honda dominates ahead of local manufacturers

Argentine Motorcycles Market has taken a new pathway although economic situation remains dire. Thanks top the Q4 recovery, the 2020 ended with a lost of 17% while a strong recovery is expected in 2021. Honda dominates the market ahead of four local manufacturers.

Paraguay 2021. 2 Wheeler industry is recovering following the 73% last year lost

Paraguay Motorcycles Market in 2020 dropped down hit by covid19 and by economic recession, losing 73% of sales volume. However, the start of 2021 is back in a positive path, with year to date February sales up 25% projecting the year back over 100k. 70% of the market is controlled by local manufacturers

Brazilian Motorcycles Market

Brazil 2020. Honda underperformed in a market down 14%

Brazilian Motorcycles market ended the Q4 2020 in negative territory and the year resulted to be one of the worst in recent years. Total sales were 932.368, down 14%. The market dominator, Honda, lost more than the industry.

Guatemala 2020. Two wheeler market grew up 20% and Bajaj Auto is the new...

Guatemala Motorcycles Market continues to grow up in the 2020 although the negative economic effects on the economy generated by covid19 spread. The market hit the new all time record - the sixth in a row - increasing over 20% over the previous year.

Colombian Motorcycles

Colombia 2020. After a decade on Top, Bajaj Auto lost the crown

Colombian Motorcycles market lost 14% in the 2020 although a recovery in Q4, ending the year with 523.885 sales. After over a decade of leadership, Bajaj Auto lost the market crown, overtaken by Yamaha after losing 28% of volume.