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Paraguay 2021. 2-Wheeler Industry Recovers 154% In First Half

Paraguay Motorcycles Market is recovering after having lost a deep 73% last year. In the first half 2021 sales have been 53.464, up 154% vs the previous year, while still down 47.4% vs the 2019. Kenton is leader while down over 60% from pre covid.


Argentina 2021. Motorcycles Market Fast Recovers (+42.7%) and EVs Segment Booms (+795%)

Argentine Motorcycles Market in 2021 reached 374.774 sales (+42.7%) and the perspectives for the 2022 are almost positive although GDP growth will decline and inflation rate will stay in the sky. Thanks to the Chinese Sunra the Electric segment started up (+795%).

United States 2021. Motorcycles Market Still Hot Although Q3 Lost

United States Motorcycles market struggled in Q3 2021. Year to Date September sales have been 692.000, flat from the previous year and up 24.1% vs the pre-pandemic 2019. The industry is at the highest level in a decade.

Ecuador 2021. Strong Post Covid Demand Pushes Up the Motorcycles Industry

Ecuador Motorcycles industry is back in a good shape. In the first half 2021 new registrations have been 97.955, up 23.5% vs the correspondent period in the 2020, while still down 3.8% vs the 2019. However, full year sales are projected again over the 200.000 units.

Guatemala 2020. Two wheeler market grew up 20% and Bajaj Auto is the new...

Guatemala Motorcycles Market continues to grow up in the 2020 although the negative economic effects on the economy generated by covid19 spread. The market hit the new all time record - the sixth in a row - increasing over 20% over the previous year.