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Argentina 2024. Motorcycles Market Down In Double-Digit Losing The Momentum

Argentine Motorcycles Market lost momentum. Sales in the first quarter 2024 have been 108.997 (-12.4%) and the outlook for the rest of the year is negative. Honda overperforms losing only 3.5%.

Peru 2023. Motorcycles Market Hits Second Best Results Ever

Peruvian Motorcycles Market is struggling again. Following the previous year decline, in 2023 the industry experienced a new decline, with sales at 324.664 (-8.9%).

Honda CB190

Guatemala 2023. Motorcycles Industry Posts The 12th All-Time Record In A Row

Guatemala Motorcycles skyrockets. In 2023 the market hit the 12th all-time record in a row advancing in 21st place in the world, with 296.865 sales (+11.1%).

Ecuador 2023. Two-Wheeler Market Hit New All Time Record

Ecuador Motorcycles Market hit new record. In 2023 sales have been 200.373 (+21.9%) a huge jump ahead driven mainly by the scooter segment (+35.9%) and although the electric vehicles segment is still at ground zero.

Honda Transalp 750

Paraguay 2024. Motorcycles Market Up 26% After 4 Months

Paraguay Motorcycles Market is in a positive mood. Year to Date April figures at 24.901, up 26.3% The local manufacturer, Kenton, is by far market leader ahead of Taiga and Honda.


Zanella Motor. Argentine Oldest Motorcycles Motorcycles Is Recovering

Zanella Motor is a ancient Argentine brand. After to risk bankruptcy in 2020, it is recovering. In 2022 sales kept growing with 48.024 registrations (+19.1%), 90% made in Argentina and the rest in Uruguay.