Gogoro 2022. Global Sales Flat As All Expansions Plans Failed

Gogoro is in bad shape. Following the deep drop reported 2020, in 2021 and 2022 Gogorò global sales remained stable at 92.000 sales, failing all development projects outside of Taiwan and losing share at home.

Honda MM4

Honda Motorcycles 2023. Global Sales at 16.9 million Confirm Absolute Leadership

Honda Motorcycles Global Sales keep momentum. In 2023, Year to Date September sales at 13.7 million (+4.6%) are projecting the entire year at the third highest sales volume of 16.9 million.


Suzuki 2022. Global Sales Roars At The Top Out Of Last 15 Years

Suzuki Motorcycles is in a fast line. Following the strong increased reported in the previous year, In 2023 the trend is positive and after the first nine months, sales have been 0.9 million (+11.3%), projecting the year at the best out of last 20 years.


Zanella Motor. Argentine Oldest Motorcycles Motorcycles Is Recovering

Zanella Motor is a ancient Argentine brand. After to risk bankruptcy in 2020, it is recovering. In 2022 sales kept growing with 48.024 registrations (+19.1%), 90% made in Argentina and the rest in Uruguay.

TVS Motor 2023. New All-Time Record And Ready To Win In Europe As Well

TVS Motor Global Sales is fast growing. Following a three years dramatic increase, in 2023 the company established the new all-time record at 3.45 million with an impressive +21.3% speed.