BMW anniversary

BMW Motorrad 2023. Global Sales In Line To Hit the 10th Record In A...

BMW Motorrad Global Sales at Record. Year to date September 2023 global registrations were 171.090 (+6.2%) projecting over 200K by year-end, the new all time record, consolidating the over 10 years growing string.

Hero Xpulse 400

Hero Motor 2023. Global Sales Improved 5.9% Consolidating World’s Ranking Second Place

Hero Motors Global Sales started improving since early 2022 and a positive pathway is in place, with full year 2023 ended at 5.7 million sales (+5.9%), still 2.3 million below the 2018 all-time record.


Hyosung 2021. Is The Korean Manufacturer Near The End Of The Travel?

Hyosung is the largest motorcycles manufacturer in South Korea. Born in the 1978 as assembly partner for Suzuki, the company has been taken over by the KR Motors Company Ltd. in the 2014. Despite distributing in over 60 countries, the brand is not very popular a part three countries, Korea, China and Laos. In 2019 sales have been steady at 125.000 units

Harley-Davidson 2023

Harley-Davidson 2023. Never Ending Fall Pushes Global Sales (-7.2%) At Half Of 10 Years...

Harley-Davidson global sales performance disappoints. After 9 months, 2023 global registrations have been 137.000 (-7.2%) one of the worse performance among the Top 20 world manufacturers.

Honda MM4

Honda Motorcycles 2023. Global Sales at 16.9 million Confirm Absolute Leadership

Honda Motorcycles Global Sales keep momentum. In 2023, Year to Date September sales at 13.7 million (+4.6%) are projecting the entire year at the third highest sales volume of 16.9 million.


Indian Motorcycles 2022. North Americans Operations Drives Global Sales Down (-16.2%)

Indian Motorcycles is struggling after years of growth. In 2022 sales declined in double-digit to 30.752 (-16.2%) which represents the third best performance ever.


Benelli 2022. Global Sales Keep Growing Although Chinese Production Shortage

Benelli Motorcycles in 2022 sold globally 137.271 (+2.3%) penalized by the difficulties in China which not only limited the local sales but even the volume available for global distribution.

Luyuan 2021. The e-Scooter Pioneer Reached-Out 5 million Annual Capacity

Luyuan is the pioneer of the Chinese electric motorcycles industry. Founded in a 15 square meters garage in the 1996 by Jihong Hu, a young woman, the company grew up to the leadership of the booming Chinese electric scooter market with the 7th plant near to be inaugurated expanding capacity to over 5 million.

CF Moto Global Sales in 2020 hit the 5th all time record in a...

CF Moto is a leading Chinese brand, leader in production of high valuable ATVs and Side by Side, which a growing line up of motorcycles in the range of 125-850 cc. After the quotation in Shanghai stock exchange in 2016 the firm doubled global sales with a 2020 record of 128.000 units.
Kawasaki z650rs 2022

Kawasaki 2023. Global Sales Are Improving Marginally (+3.2%)

Kawasaki Global Sales Performance is disappointing. In the first nine months of 2023 global sales have been 372.000 (+3.2%) projecting the year only marginally ahead of the previous.