Germany 2023. Motorcycles Market Hits The Best Out Of Last 15 Years

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German Motorcycles Market hit the best out of last 15 years. In 2023 sales volume have been 238.189 (+5.2%) the third highest in Western Europe after Italy and France. Honda boomed (+40%) on top of the list.

German Motorcycles Industry Trend and Perspectives

Thanks to the +5% reported in the previous year, the second best sales peak out of the last 15, the German motorcycles industry started the 2023 as the third largest in Europe with positive expectations, based on the fact that short supply had penalized the delivery to clients in the previous 15 months.

Indeed, thanks to the arrival of bulks of new products from Asia, the market has been very positive for the entire first half, before to moderate the speed in the second, however being able to end at the highest level out of the last 15 years.

Full year sales volume have been 238.189 (+5.2%) the third highest in Western Europe after Italy and France.

While the motorcycles segment is growing (+9.6%) while the scooter segment declined sharply (-16.7%), with most significant fall in the 2-50cc and 51-125cc classes, those more impacted by the lower demand in the metropolitan areas.

The trend is confirmed by the electric L1 segment sharp decline (-65.8%), due to the lack of products, difficulties for all Chinese importers and even by a declined customer confidence.

Looking at top manufacturer’s performance, Honda has taken the leadership having benefit from strong production availability and fly up 40.8%.

In second place Piaggio lost 1.0% followed by BMW, third with sales down 0.4%.

In 4th place Yamaha (-6.9%) ahead of KTM (+22.6%) and Kawasaki (+12.9%).

Behind strong performances for  Suzuki (+36.1%) and Voge (+80.1%).


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