How To Modify Your Honda Dirt Bike With A Custom MX Graphics Kit


Dirt bikes are both a fun and iconic way to travel, and provide extreme sporting opportunities. Serious riders know that your bike is an extension of yourself, and that means your bike’s appearance is important.  Everyone has unique and different tastes, but manufacturers still release the same small handful of color schemes each year.  So, what are your options if you don’t want your bike to look just like everyone else’s?  Fortunately, it’s not difficult to completely tailor your bike to your specific desires with a custom MX graphics kit.  Dark and edgy, bold and bright, sleek and understated, or showy and dazzling, a large selection of custom decals are available to take your bike from plain to perfect.  You have a myriad of options at your fingertips, whether you want to modify your look to reflect your tastes, or protect the surface of your bike’s plastics.  Yes, that’s right- besides offering an upgraded aesthetic, high quality graphics can actually protect your bike’s plastic from debris and dirt that flies through the air, which is especially important for anyone riding off road.


Multiple Print Base and Over-Laminate Options Available

Beyond the obvious changes in color and style, you can choose your adhesion medium, getting exactly the look you crave.  White Gloss Ultracurve® X1 offers rugged adhesion to even the most difficult of bonding surfaces.  FLO Technology speeds up installation while also eliminating air pockets. Silver Chrome offers the same amazing adhesive capabilities as the standard media but gives a metallic chrome finish to virtually all colors for a show-stopping aesthetic. Ramp up that “If Factor” even further by selecting a Holographic Chrome print base for your new dirt bike graphics- the base will actually change colors in the sun! With equally optimum performance abilities, a Galactic Laminate finish boasts a one-of-a-kind metallic feel. To round out your options, those looking for an uber modern appearance can select Matte Laminate, an understated elegance that will catch everyone’s eye, with the same industry-leading Ultracurve® X1 adhesion and installation experience. With all these options in mind, it’s easy to see that these custom MX graphics kits go beyond stickers and have capacity to truly transform your dirt bike into something elite.


The Honda Emblem Equals Performance

It’s well known in the motocross industry that Honda produces some of the highest quality dirt bikes known to man. Their long-time efficiency and consistent handling prowess have made them a household name in virtually every country in the world.  Couple that industry-leading performance with custom Honda dirt bike decals and you will have a fine tuned machine that turns head everywhere you ride it. Whether you have a CRF, NX, CR, XR, or almost any other model, the perfect new bike wrap is available for you. You can change more than just colors- you’re able to give your bike a whole new appearance with modified and updated logos and lettering, and added numbers, names, and symbols.  The possibilities are truly endless.


Cutting Edge Technology

It’s extremely important to choose a high-quality motocross graphics producer that uses premium products for the very best results.  You can be confident that you’re getting the very best with state-of-the-art printing and cutting tools from Summa Cut and EFI Vutek to fulfill every custom order. We’ve been in the MX graphics arena for over a decade and the work speaks for itself, especially in terms of volume, having sold over 30,000 dirt bike graphics kits.

Simple & Efficient Process

If your head is spinning with thoughts of all these choices, don’t worry! Qualified staff are trained to simplify your experience and eliminate the time and hassle you’re fearing.  After filling out an easy customization form, professionals will start working on a design preview right away and have it for you to review in 3-5 days.  From there you can make any changes you desire or keep their design as-is. Not only is the customization process easy, it’s also completely free! That’s right, every customer should have the opportunity to develop the bike of their dreams, working closely with trained and experienced staff. Modifying your bike with Honda dirt bike decals has never been more straightforward!

Quality Control Assurance

When you want your dirt bike’s graphics to stand out from the crowd, your most important decision first and foremost will be to choose a high quality graphics kit. The next most important detail is following the directions for installation.  Preparing the surface properly might seem tedious, but it’s the foundation of the modification. It’s important to wash the dirt bike with clean water and a soft cloth and let it dry completely. Any previous decals must be removed or sanded down. Now you’re ready to get out your Honda dirt bike decals and lay them out near your bike so you can start to visualize their placement. Definitely don’t skip this step or you might find yourself trying to put a decal somewhere it doesn’t fit.  After you’re happy with the layout, follow the installation instructions to deliver the dirt bike of your dreams.