Popular Motorcycle Riding Routes Near Houston, TX


Houston, Texas has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. Not only is it a hub of space exploration and diverse cultures but it’s also a gateway to some beautiful scenic motorcycle routes right outside of the city. Whenever you mount your two-wheeled chariot, remember that having fun, protecting yourself, and following the local laws are non-negotiable. 

Motorcycle enthusiasts are encouraged to explore the following areas around Houston for entrancing coastal views, breathtaking country roads, and scenic forested routes. Let’s explore popular motorcycle riding routes near Houston that are perfect for a day tour or a weekend getaway adventure.

Galveston Loop 

Galveston is a coastal escape spanning approximately 100 miles. When starting from Houston, head towards Galveston on I-45. This route offers a relaxing coastal ride, stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, the historic charm of the Strand District, and the calming seawall. You can loop back to Houston via Highway 146, and get a different perspective along the Texas coastline.

The Sam Houston National Forest Route 

If you need more of nature’s bounty, consider the 115 miles of Sam Houston’s National Forest Route. This untroubled escape from I-45 North to Highway 150 leads you through the forest’s pronounced greenery. This route is mesmerizing when the leaves start to turn and its winding roads and calming environment make it a favorite amongst riders. 

The Brazos Valley Run

If you desire about 120 miles of open fields and rolling hills, then take a ride through the Brazos Valley and the heart of Texas ranch country. Starting on US-290 W, embark on a scenic detour along Highway 6 towards Navasota lined with beautiful hills. Many riders stop in Brenham for a taste of Texas’ southern small-town charm.

The Piney Woods Pathway

For those looking to explore East Texas, you have to experience the beauty of taking US-59 N towards the Piney Woods region. There you’ll find about 150 miles of tall pine trees, gentle curves, and a picturesque scene. 

The Hill Country Ride 

For those in need of a rider’s paradise, and don’t mind venturing a bit further, the Texas Hill Country, west of Houston, is a motorcycle rider’s paradise. One of the most famous routes is the famous Three Sisters, aka the Twisted Sisters which offers some challenging curves and breathtaking views. 

The Old Washington Ride 

The Old Washington Run is a historical journey of about 90 miles heading to Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site. Beginning on US-290 W this path offers a mix of open roads and charming countryside and passes the “Birthplace of Texas,” for those seeking education and scenic beauty.

The Bolivar Peninsula Tour

The Bolivar Peninsula via I-10 E and Highway 146 provides 80 miles that include a ferry ride from Galveston and offers remarkable Gulf views. The peninsula offers a relaxed coastal ride ideal for a chill day trip. 

Houston’s Motorcycle Riding Gems

The greater Houston area provides a treasure trove of motorcycle routes, each offering its own unique experience. Each landscape and road type around Houston offers diversity for both novice and experienced motorcyclists.