Benelli 2021. In the first half global sales improved 58%

Benelli Motorcycles increased sales by 58% in the first half 2021, projecting the 9th consecutive all time record sales. The Italian brand - owned by the Chinese Motor Group Qianjiang - is one of the fastest growing manufacturer thanks to a very aggressive price positioning and a wide range of models offered in all continents


France 2021. Fueled by EVs Motorcycles Industry Hit the Best in a Decade

French Motorcycles Industry hit in the 2021 the highest out of last decade driven by electric segment growth. Total sales have been 300.630, up 4.5%, few thousand units over the previous best out of last decade, established in the 2012. 

Spain 2021. Q3 Motorcycles Sales Plummet 19%

Spanish Motorcycles Sales partially recovered in the 2021 the sales lost in the previous year. Sales have been 186.763, up 3.3%, still 10.000 units below the pre-covid level, one of the few countries in Europe not grown up after pandemic spread.

Piaggio 1

Piaggio 2021. China Boom Drives Up Global Performance

Piaggio Global Sales are recovering. Year to Date September registrations at 307.936 were up 4.2% vs the 2020 and down 13.6% vs the 2019. While excluding the commercial three wheelers, sales were up 9.2% vs 2020 and 16.5% vs the 2019. China is booming.


Russia 2021. Motorcycles Market Hit Highest Level in 7 Years (+24.6%)

Russian Motorcycles Market is growing. cumulative sales in the first nine months of the year have been 18.213, up 24.6% versus the 2020 and 54.6% vs the 2019, projecting the year to hit the highest sales level out of the last seven. Other CIS markets reported are Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan.

Aprilia motorcycles

Aprilia. Year to date May global sales down 37%

Aprilia global sales performance in the 2019 is outstanding projecting the year back at the 2012 level, following four raising years. Indeed, in the first nine months of the year, sales have been 65.041, up 8.3%. Indian region is the largest, with 36% of global sales followed by Europe with 27%.

Netherlands 2021. V-Moto is booming (+930%) in a Struggling Motorcycles Market (-12.1%)

Netherlands Motorcycles Industry in 2021 is struggling after the huge increase scored last year. In the first ten months of the 2021, new motorcycles and scooter sales have been 72.607, down 12.1% vs 2020 but up 20.1% vs the 2019. V-Moto jumps in 4th place (+930%).