Russia. Q1 2020 Motorcycles sales doubled while standing at one third of Ukraine

Russian Motorcycles Market ended the Q1 2020 with sales up 100.9% reinforcing the recovery pathway after the huge collapse reported in recent years. Actually Ukraine is the largest country in the CIS region reporting sales three-time higher than Russia. Other available markets are Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan.


Piaggio. Global Two-wheeler sales fell 21% year to date May 2020

Piaggio improved global motorcycles sales in the 2019 by over 6% with a final projection of 330.000 units (not including commercial vehicles and referring just on Piaggio and Vespa sales). Indeed, in the first nine months of the year global registrations have been 262.283 (+6.8%). North America, ASEAN and Europe have been all positive.


Europe. Electric scooter & motorcycles market challenged by the virus

European Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market is actually in the third stage of development and the higher technology and smart mobility solutions applied concentrated the market in few manufacturers. Following the record sales hit in the 2019 with 61.629 registrations, the effects of Covid19 will dramatically increase the opportunity for this segment.

French Motorcycles

France. Sales boomed 31% in June driven by Yamaha, Honda and Piaggio

French Motorcycles Market momentum was killed in March as the Covid19 forces the country to shut down commercial activities. In March new motorcycles sales have been 14.179 (-52.2%) ending the first quarter with 54.650 units, down 17.8%. According to our Research Team the full year 2020 sales will be 170.000 (-44.9%), but the 2021 will show an immediate recovery.

Turkey 2019. Yamaha shines in a market down only 1%

Turkish Motorcycles Market in the 2019 performed better than expected, while the car industry collapsed. Indeed, motorcycles sales have been 154.619, down an acceptable 1.5%. Honda recovered the leadership lost last year while Yamaha jumped up 39% and BMW lead premium segment.

Germany Motorcycles

Germany. Piaggio top seller in a June market boomed 33%

Germany Motorcycles Market lost 19.8% in March breaking a long string of positive months and ending the first quarter 2020 with 47.049 sales (-5.8%). The 2020 will end around 165.000 units (-13.6%) and the recovery will not start before the second quarter 2021. However, this year the German market will show the best performance among the Big 5 countries in Europe.

Europe. June sales boomed 24%

European Motorcycles Market, lost 35.8% in March breaking a long string of positive months and ending the first quarter 2020 with 292.996 sales (-13.0%), thanks to the good start in January and February. The 2020 is projected to be the lower out of last 35 years, but the huge economic actions taken by the EU Government will support the consumer good demand to recover quicker than in any previous financial crisis and our sector will fast move up in the 2021.