Germany 2021. Record volumes hit in June

German Motorcycles Market is better than expected! In the first half sales have been 130.314  (+6.8% vs the 2020 and +5.1% vs the 2019). BMW is market leader while Suzuki and Harley-Davidson are reporting huge falls.

Italy 2021. Motorcycles Market Up 25.7% Topping Europe

Italian scooter & motorcycles industry is in a great shape. During the Q3 sales declined vs the previous year - when the market was exaggerating high - but less then expected and year to date September figures were 257.246, +25.7% vs 2020 and +17.2% vs the 2019, the highest level in a decade.

Russia 2020. Motorcycles sales up 26%

Russian Motorcycles Market run fast in the 2020 ending with 16.226 sales, up 26.3% from the previous year and the 2021 outlook is still very positive. Other available markets are Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan.


Europe 2021. Niu jumps on top of continental EVs Market

European Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market grew up in double digit in the 2020. Continental sales (28 countries including UK) have been 75.000, up 22.6%, although sales declined in France and Spain.


Benelli 2021. In the first half global sales improved 58%

Benelli Motorcycles increased sales by 58% in the first half 2021, projecting the 9th consecutive all time record sales. The Italian brand - owned by the Chinese Motor Group Qianjiang - is one of the fastest growing manufacturer thanks to a very aggressive price positioning and a wide range of models offered in all continents


Piaggio. Global Two-wheeler sales fell 21% year to date May 2020

Piaggio improved global motorcycles sales in the 2019 by over 6% with a final projection of 330.000 units (not including commercial vehicles and referring just on Piaggio and Vespa sales). Indeed, in the first nine months of the year global registrations have been 262.283 (+6.8%). North America, ASEAN and Europe have been all positive.