Europe. Electric Two-Wheeler sales up 11% in 9 months 2020

European Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market is actually in the third stage of development and the higher technology and smart mobility solutions applied concentrated the market in few manufacturers. Following the record sales hit in the 2019 with 61.629 registrations, the effects of Covid19 will dramatically increase the opportunity for this segment.

British Motorcycles

Great Britain. Motorcycles Industry waits for BREXIT negotiations

British Motorcycles Market fell down 25% in March ended the Q1 with 23.837 sales (-12.2%).  Two-wheeler industry will fall down in Q2 losing over 65%. Since Q3 the year-on-year decline will moderate but anyhow the 2020 full year will end around 70.000 units (-34.6%).The combined effects of Covid19 and Brexit have started one of the darkest period for our industry in the United Kingdom.


Piaggio. Global Two-wheeler sales fell 21% year to date May 2020

Piaggio improved global motorcycles sales in the 2019 by over 6% with a final projection of 330.000 units (not including commercial vehicles and referring just on Piaggio and Vespa sales). Indeed, in the first nine months of the year global registrations have been 262.283 (+6.8%). North America, ASEAN and Europe have been all positive.

Spain 2020. Motorcycles industry hit more than other top EU markets (-12.6%)

Spanish Motorcycles market was severely hit in the 2020 reporting a lost well ahead of the other top European countries. Although ending with a +13% in December the Full year 2020 sales have been 177.302 (-12.6%) three time higher than France and 2.5 time higher than Italy.

Italy 2020. Honda was market leader in a market -5%. Ducati lost 25%

Italian scooter & motorcycles industry reported in the 2020 the first fall after 5 years of uninterrupted growth. However sales at 246.484 were down only 5.3%. Our projection for the 2021 are almost positive. Honda confirmed the leadership in the market, ahead of Piaggio and Yamaha.

Germany 2020. December sales boomed 309% ending a memorable year

German Motorcycles Market in 2020 was one of the fastest growing in the World thanks to the new demand for individual mobility and the Q4 crush to clean up the stage4 vehicles in stock. December registrations were 15.129 (+309.1% ending the 2020 with 241.134 sales (+23.2%), the fourth highest sales level in Europe.


France 2020. Piaggio gains the second place in a market down 4%

French Motorcycles Market accelerated in December (+45%) due to the expected introduction of Stage 5 euro emission level. In 2020 sales lost only 4% with 295.000 registrations. Behind the leader,, Yamaha, Piaggio overtook Honda for the second place.