Harley-Davidson 2023. Global Sales Declined 5% At The Half Of 10 Years Ago

Harley-Davidson 2023
Harley-Davidson 2023

Harley-Davidson global sales performance disappoints. global sales in 2023 declined at 168.050 (-5.0%), although almost positive data from the partnership recently started up in India.

McD tracks new vehicles registrations across the World (over 85 countries), reporting data on calendar year. When you wish to compare data reported by us to those declared by the manufacturers, consider they usually report their “sales” (vehicles invoiced), which are usually different from “registrations”, accordingly with their fiscal year split. 

Harley-Davidson Global Registrations Trend and Performance

Once upon a time……..Harley-Davidson was market leader and brand icon. It was only near 10 years ago.

In 2014 Harley-Davidson global sales were 329.776 and no one could imagine that – ten years later – sales were declining by the half.

Sales declined for sixth consecutive years until the 2020. Then in 2021 the recovery was temporary before the trend was back down in 2022 and – unfortunately – in 2023.

Although a strong recovery in India, where production and distribution have been delegated to a local partner, with sales up 1.740%, global sales in 2023 declined at 168.050 (-5.0%), one of the worse performance among the Top 20 world manufacturers.

In North America sales lost is 9.9%, while in Europe is 8.8% and in Latam is 14.7%.

Good news only from ASEAN (+1.1%) and Pacific (+2.4%) regions.