World Best Selling Motorcycles Ranking 2023

Honda CBR600RR
Honda CBR600RR

World Best Selling Motorcycles brands ranking in 2023 dominated by Honda. There are three Indian manufacturers in the Top 5 and four Chinese in the top 10.

For the first time we decided to share the ranking of the Top 10 Brands in the World. Please be aware data includes only 2/3 wheeler in the scooter, underbone, moped and motorcycles category. This mean that Tuk Tuk are not included and ATV/RUV or kick scooter neither. 

During the 2023, the global motorcycles industry (including moped, scooter, motorcycles, underbone) have recovered reporting 62.5 million sales, up 2.6%, although the sudden fall reported for the electric segment.

Looking at the combined sales data in the 92 country for which we collect new 2-wheeler registrations, the Top 10 brands ranking reports few changes from the previous year with 2 chinese makers as protagonist, one in a bad destiny and one in a good.

However, starting from the top, the leader, as in the last 50 years is Honda.

Not a surprise, of course. It is almost well known that the Japanese manufacturer dominates the industry with around one third of the industry in its hands.

In 2023, Honda sold 18.4 million two wheeler globally (+4.3%) near 0.7 million more than in the previous year. 

The second place the Indian Hero Motor confirmed the position thanks to 5.6 million sales (+5.4%) obtained for the most in India.

Indeall must be considered a temporary trouble as the manufacturer is leader in the electric vehicles R&D and manufacturing and will be back on growing track already in the second half.

In third place there is Yamaha with 4.6 million (+0.9%). Yamaha market share at 7.5% is 5 points below the 2012 achievement.

In fourth place the indian Bajaj Auto with 3.6 million sales (+8.7%) thanks to the strong domestic performance.

In fifth place one the fastest growing indian OEM, TVS Motor, which sold 3.4 million (+19.8%).


Losing 3 spot from the previous year,  Yadea, the EVs specialist, is in deep difficulties. Selling 2.5 million EVs in 2023 it reported a 49.7% fall from the previous year.

In seventh place there is a fast recovering Suzuki with 1.9 million sales (+7.1%).

Behind three Chinese giants, Haojue, Loncin and Zongshen.

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