Global Electric Motorcycles Industry Exceeds 10 Million Annual Sales

Triumph Electric
Triumph Electric

Global Electric 2 Wheeler Market declined for the first time ever. Chinese market fall dragged down the global market to 9.6 million in 2022 (-12.0%). The 2022-2030 Outlook is amazing.

Data reported refer to new scooter and motorcycles registrations. We track registrations data in 85 countries and provide historical figures and/or future forecasts up to 2030 in volumes. To see our Database and Methodology you just need to drop us a mail. You will discover why the top motorcycles OEMs works with us.

After a decade of rapid growth, in 2021 the global electric 2-wheeler (scooter plus motorcycles) market hit the 10 million mark, a 81% increase over the pre-pandemic 2019, and representing a 17.5% total 2-Wheeler industry.

However, the electric 2-wheeler industry is sharply split in two, with sales in China boomed already over the half of total 2-wheeler market, while sales outside of China represents few percentage points of the market.

China is by far the largest market and in 2022 the EV segment reported the first ever decline at 8.2 million (-19.1% vs the previous year), due to the negative trend in the Chinese market, correlated with the Zero-Covid strategy. This deep fall caused a decline of the global market from 10.9 million in 2021 to 9.6 million in 2022 (-12.0%).

Outside of China, the top country is already India, as effect of last year new rules and incentives for EVs, boosting the market up to over half a million sales (+354%).

The third is Vietnam, were Yadea, the global leader, opened the first production facilities abroad, with sales up 22%.

Behind others large Asian markets: Indonesia, Taiwan and Philippines.

The largest Western Countries market is France with sales boomed this year by 43.8% and now it is the largest in Europe overtaking The Netherlands (+12.7%).

With a +189% increase, Japan become the ninth country ahead of Germany (+134% and Italy (+56%).

In 2022 the electric 2-wheeler circulating park outpaced the 55 million representing over 8.8% of the total “fresh” (last ten years) circulating park.

Although this already strong growth, perspectives for next years are amazing as reported in our 2018-2030 Global Snapshot available for our Clients.