9 Motorcycle Modifications You Should Consider


Part of the thrill of owning a motorcycle lies in ensuring that it has a unique look and feel that will excite you as a rider. While every bike comes with all you need to enjoy your rides, there is always room to improve its appearance and performance with proper modifications. Here are nine motorcycle modifications you should consider.

1.   Rear spoilers

A great aerodynamic accessory that will help improve the handling of your motorcycle even at high speeds is a rear spoiler. These accessories work by adding the downward force on your ride, giving you better stability during acceleration and deceleration. The good news is that there are a variety of aftermarket models available at Monaco Motorsports that will give your motorcycle an improved look.

2.   Upgraded windshield

Many aftermarket windshields will help change airflow depending on your motorcycle model and preferences. You will also love the bespoke look that smoked or tinted windshields provide, making them a brilliant way to customize your ride.

3.   Professional suspension

If you want your motorcycle to perform optimally, it is vital to have its suspensions professionally adjusted. A professional suspension should be configured to suit your ride’s weight and overall size to improve its handling, responsiveness, and braking quality. You will further appreciate that the sag and compression and rebound can be set to match your riding style for a comfortable riding experience.

4.    Air filters

Great-looking aftermarket air filters are the most efficient way of letting your exhaust breathe better and give you extra power. Quality air filters might be expensive but will pay for themselves by lasting for tens of thousands of miles. You will also benefit from the increased fuel economy, which has become a significant concern in the motorcycle industry due to ever-growing concerns about global warming.

5.   LED lighting

Make yourself more visible on the roads by installing LED lights. Opt for new headlights, taillights, turn signals, and auxiliary lights for enhanced safety without worrying about overworking your battery. There are many customization options, and you have the freedom to make your bike look how you want.

6.   Frame sliders

Frame sliders are subtle additions to your ride that will limit damages during a motorcycle accident. While most people will not notice these modifications, the color and design you settle on will help improve your bike’s appearance.

7.   Better tires

Getting better ties for your motorcycle will improve your ride’s traction and grip, significantly boosting handling. A general principle is to choose your tires based on the terrain and your riding style.

8.   Exhaust system

Upgraded exhaust systems remain a top modification option if you want to improve your motorcycle’s performance. A loud exhaust system will also make you noticeable even on the busiest highway, enhancing your safety.

9.   Battery tender

You can avoid replacing your batteries after every few months by installing a battery tender. This simple modification will ensure your battery is always topped off and in its peak condition.


Get the most out of your motorcycle by considering these valuable modifications that will take your ride to the next level.