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Yadea. In 2022 Global E-Scooter Sales Declined (-17.3%) At 5 Million

Yadea confirms to be the Global Leader in the e-scooter market although struggling. Global e-scooter in 2022 sales have been 5 million (-17.3%) still representing over the half of global sales.
Triumph Electric

Global Electric Motorcycles Industry Exceeds 10 Million Annual Sales

Global Electric 2 Wheeler Market declined for the first time ever. Chinese market fall dragged down the global market to 9.6 million in 2022 (-12.0%). The 2022-2030 Outlook is amazing.

V-Moto SuperSoco 2022. Global Sales Keeps The Speed (+19.6%) Driven by European Operations

VMoto Global Global growth continued in 2022 although supply chain disruption in China. A new record was set up with annual sales at 37.807, up 19.6%.