Road Rash Damages Claims


After a horrible automobile accident, injuries are common, and you may be experiencing multiple types of wounds. Road rash typically happens to automobile accident victims that aren’t inside a car, such as a motorcyclist or bicyclists. When either of these two gets injured, they can be knocked off their vehicle and injured on the ground, resulting in road rash. In some rare situations, this can happen to car drivers, too, who are thrown out of their vehicle window in extremely bad car crashes. Road rash damages can be minimal or very high, depending on the severity of the crash. There are some important notes you should consider concerning your road rash damages.

How Do I Begin My Road Rash Damages Claim?

Your next step is to contact a car accident lawyer Pendergrass to help you estimate how much your road rash damages may be. Additionally, you may be partially at fault for your wounds and need to learn how that impacts your settlement total. Speak with an attorney today to find out how much you can receive in compensation.

Grades Of Road Rash

Road rash injuries vary by the level of severity and are often prevalent in accident victims who have been on a motorcycle or bicycle.

First Degree

This type of road rash injury happens when there is light grazing on the skin of the automobile accident victim. The result is a minor scrape that causes red and swollen skin. This type of wound needs to be cleaned and bandaged.

Second Degree

A second-degree road rash is when there is some bleeding due to broken skin. This can also result in skin scarring because the scrape is much deeper.

Third Degree

When the skin is fully penetrated by the ground and this causes all of the fatty layers underneath the skin to be exposed, this creates bleeding and sometimes disfiguration. Third-degree road rashes often need surgery to repair or replace the skin.

Damages That Can Be Claimed In Road Rash Damages

After a bad automobile accident, you can hold the other party responsible for your injuries after suffering from terrible damages. These are some of the most common damages you can claim:

Lost Wages

If you had to take off time from work to recover from your injuries, you can include any lost wages caused by your absence. When you continue to lose income in the future, you can include this amount.

Medical Expenses

Your injuries may have resulted in expensive treatment regimes, requiring antibiotics, stitches, surgery, bandages, pain medication, therapy, etc. All of this adds up, making costly bills that can be too much to handle on your own. You can include all of the current and ongoing treatments you need in your compensation.

Pain And Suffering

In addition to physical pain, you may be struggling with emotional pain after you experience road rash. You may be dealing with embarrassment, guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, and more. Your attorney can calculate pain and suffering using a multiplier. The multiplier number is picked based on how badly you were injured based on how severe they were with the help of an insurance agency. The number is then multiplied by the total economic damages before being added to the total settlement amount.