France. April sales down 82% projecting the 2020 at 189.000 units

French Motorcycles
French Motorcycles

French Motorcycles Market momentum by the Covid19. Following the -52.2% reported in March, sales fell down 82.6% in April. According to our Research Team the full year 2020 sales will be 189.000 (-38.7%), but the 2021 will show an immediate recovery.

2020 Motorcycles Market Outlook

The recent years positive pathway was still place in france at the end of February. Year to Date February sales were 40.463, up 9.8%.

Unfortunately the risk correlated to the development of Covid19 in the country has been underestimated by the government and first measures had been taken only in Mid-March with the deep risk that contagious will spread over the country in large-scale.

Actually the most commercial activities have blocked in the country and motorcycles dealers are shut down and presumably a re-opening of industrial and commercial activities will start in May.

As the other European countries, the Government announced to be ready do whatever its take to fight against the negative economic impact of the activity block, while specific measures need to be approved.

Meantime, in March sales fell down above expectations with 14.179 sales (-52.2%) ending the first quarter with 54.650 units, down 17.8% and in April, with all plants and most of dealer closed at 5.340 units (-82.6%).

In our scenario, the motorcycles market will be heavy hit in the first half with sales declining 51.5% in this period, before to recover progressively from July. Full Year sales are projected at 189.000 units, down 38.7%, before to recover in the next year, when a level of 245.000 units could be recovered.

French Motorcycles

In 2019, Peugeot was outstanding in a fast growing market

Since years French market is the largest in  Europe. In the 2019 France was ahead of  Italy, Spain, Germany and Turkey while at Global level the market is only the 20th, ahead of Italy and behind Peru (19th), Nigeria (18th) and Japan (17th).

In the period 2017-2018 the market was affected by the introduction of new European limits for emissions, which has been  the main reason for the last year decline is in the new European emission regulation, the stage euro 4, introduced in January 2018, forcing the manufacturer to register with the end of December all euro 3 models is stock. The effect for a bulk of self-registrations in the Q4 2017 which pushed the year at the best level of this decade, 285.027 units, heavily penalizing the first half 2018 figures, with 2018 figures declining at 266.656 (-6.4%).

According to data released by the French Minister of Transportations, in the 2019 the demand for two-wheeler vehicles was outstanding with sales boomed 15.7% at 308.422, the highest level since 2012.

The 50cc scooter segment reported the strongest increase, up 24.9% and represents today the 28.2% of the market, while scooter over 50cc segment increased 5.9% and Motorcycles segment 11.7%, representing the 41.7% of the total.

Looking at the mode versions, the fastest growing segment is the Supermoto (+115%) followed by the Touring (+20.5%) and the Street (+16.6%).

The electric vehicles segment is fast growing and in the 2019 hit the all time record with 16.962 units, up 35%, representing the 5.5% mix on total market.

French Motorcycles

Competitive Arena

The French market is really fragmented with 388 different brands which have registered at least one model in the 2019.

The leader is Yamaha with 34.632 sales in the year (+2.8%), holding 11.3% of market share. Not far and very determined to get the leadership there is Honda with 33.022 sales (+14.8%) and with 10.8% of market share.

In third place Piaggio, leader among the scooter specialist, with 26.260 sales (+3.1%) ahead of Peugeot which scored an outstanding year with 20.552 sales (+40.7%) and with one of the best growing performance of the year.

In fifth place BMW, leader in the premium brand segment, with 17.574 units (+12.3%) overtaking Kawasaki, sixth with 14.024 units (+15.0%). In seventh place Kymco with 9.537 units (+5.5%) followed by Sym with 9.204 (+21.4%) and Harley-Davidson with 9.088 (-0.6%).

Among the fastest growing brands there are Aprilia (+59%) and the Chinese electric maker NIU (+242%).