How Electric Motorcycles Are Influencing Shopify Store Integrations


Electric motorcycles are becoming very popular in the automotive industry. The reason is that many people are becoming environmentally conscious. At the same time, electric motorcycles also fulfill the demand for efficient transportation. 

They will continue to grow in popularity, and e-commerce businesses are looking to adapt to the ever-changing market landscape – including those using the Shopify platform.

In this guide, we will examine the critical strategy of selling electric motorbikes or accessories while integrating fitment data apps for Shopify users. Such apps will feature smart and efficient solutions for online retailers looking to sell their motorcycles and accessories to enthusiasts while increasing sales. 

Let’s examine everything you need to know now.

The Use of Fitment Apps for Shopify Stores

Fitment data apps for Shopify stores are designed to integrate motorcycle fitment data seamlessly into their respective online platforms. This data will help match customers with the right motorcycle parts and accessories that are compatible with their electric motorcycle’s make, model, and year. 

Nonetheless, these fitment apps will feature plenty of benefits for online retailers, including but not limited to the following:

  • Enhanced customer experience: Using accurate fitment data, customers can find the exact parts and accessories they’ll need for their electric motorcycle. This will reduce the risk of them accidentally purchasing any items that are considered incompatible.
  • Increased conversion rates: If customers can easily find the right parts, they’ll complete their purchase very quickly, resulting in increased conversion rates multiple times over.
  • Improved inventory management: Fitment apps can also help streamline the inventory management process by ensuring that only compatible products are shown to the customer based on their electric motorcycle specifications. Past buyer data can also play a role in this.

The Electric Motorcycle Market: What Makes Them Popular?

The presence of electric motorcycles is a sign that the automotive industry has experienced a significant shift over the years. They have been gaining in popularity for many reasons. Specifically, they feature environmental sustainability because these motorcycles provide zero emissions that are friendly for the environment. 

At the same time, they will also offer cost-efficiency for users since they do not need fuel to run.

Maintenance will also be low cost compared to traditional motorcycles. While electric cars versus electric bikes are a matter of debate, they share the same growing infrastructure. 

Specifically, more charging stations continue to pop up in the United States and worldwide. Because of this, it provides an excellent opportunity for electric motorcycle users to charge up whenever and wherever they are.

Using Shopify for Electric Motorcycle Sales

Many businesses are selling electric motorcycles (10 million sales and counting) or related products online. May rely on platforms such as Shopify. Shopify may be the best option for a comprehensive e-commerce platform with plenty of tools and integrations, even if this is the first time you’ve run an online store. 

Here are some tips on what you can do to leverage Shopify if you plan on selling electric motorcycles and accessories in the future:

  • Customized storefronts: With a customized storefront, you’ll offer a TaylorMade experience to attract electric motorcycle enthusiasts. You can use this with engaging content and high-quality visuals.
  • Stocking relevant inventory: By stalking a wide range of motorcycle models and accessories, customers will find something that will suit their needs and preferences. In addition, they need to look for compatible parts for their electric motorcycle so they can install them accordingly.
  • Streamlining Checkout: You can simplify purchasing by featuring a seamless checkout feature. You can offer different payment methods that your customers prefer using safely and securely.

Final Thoughts

Electric motorcycles will continue to gain popularity over the next few years, especially with electric vehicles continuing to make their mark as the choice compared to their traditional counterparts. 

As an e-commerce store owner, this may allow you to sell a high-demand product and the necessary accessories to function correctly. Be sure to serve your customers with the best service and ensure they get the electric motorcycle they need and the parts that keep it running.