Global Scooter Pricing Report

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Global Scooter Pricing Report by region. Europe boasts an average price over 5 times higher than India, driven primarily by distinct market composition.


In today’s dynamic global economy, staying well-informed about various critical factors, including fluctuating 2-wheeler prices, is essential for maintaining competitiveness in the market.

Over the past 6 months, the MCD team has diligently compiled a comprehensive database of 2-wheeler prices from major global markets and linking it with the Global Motorcycles Sales Database has been able to analyze global 2-wheeler prices, by region, country, segment, brand, model.

This article aims to highlight the average scooter price compositions across key regions worldwide, shedding light on the preferences and trends driving these markets.

Western Europe

The European market stands out with the highest average price at $5,425 USD. The largest segments are crossover scooters (34.72%) and maxi sporty scooters (22.27%), with average prices of $3,927 USD and $8,680 USD, respectively. Notably, maxi sporty scooters command a significantly higher price due to their 251-750cc range, making Europe a stronghold for premium scooter enthusiasts.

North America

In North America, where the average price reaches $4,390 USD, retro scooters dominate with a substantial 40.5% market share, priced at an average of $4,590 USD. Maxi sporty scooters follow at 17.05%, boasting an average price of $5,706 USD, albeit lower than their European counterparts, largely due to the prevalent 126-250cc range.

Latin America (including Mexico)

Latin America reports an average scooter price of $2,245 USD, driven mainly by underbone sporty scooters (46.57% market share) in the 101-125cc range, priced at $2,102 USD on average. Minimal scooters within the 101-125cc range hold a 20.5% market share with an average price of $1,670 USD.


The ASEAN region presents the second lowest average price at $1,492 USD, with sporty scooters in the 101-125cc range dominating the market at 41.7%, priced at an average of $1,342 USD. Underbone scooters within the same range hold a 24.12% market share with an average price of $1,194 USD, reflecting the market’s preference for affordable and efficient transportation.


Lastly, India showcases an exceptionally low average price at $979 USD, characterised by low-quality retro scooters (57.1% market share) in the 101-125cc range, with an average price of $1,013 USD.


In conclusion, this analysis underscores the diverse pricing strategies and consumer preferences shaping the global 2-wheeler market. By understanding regional pricing dynamics, industry players can better tailor their offerings and strategies to capitalise on emerging trends and opportunities.