Malaysia 2023. Yamaha Boomed Is A Motorcycles Market Consolidating Top Results


Malaysia Motorcycles Market is healthy. Following the previous year record, in 2023 sales have been 652.850 (-4.0%), the second best year ever. The market leader, Yamaha, boomed by 19%.

Malaysia Motorcycles Industry Trend and Perspectives

The Malaysian two wheeler market is the 12th largest in the World, following the huge increase reported last year hitting the new all-time record, and the next years expectations are still very positive.

The Malaysian economy expanded moderately in the third quarter of 2023, weighed mainly by slower external demand. Domestic demand remained the key driver of growth, supported by private consumption and investment. Household spending was supported by further growth in employment and wages. Meanwhile, investment activity was underpinned by capacity expansion, progress of multi-year projects and higher fixed asset spending by the government. Inflation rate growth is under control (below 3%) and the country outlook looks great.

However, the 2-wheeler market this year is declining in double-digit due to the too fast growth reported in the previous years. Indeed, middle terms trend was positive before covid 19 disruption temporary blocked the demand with low sales in 2020, immediately recovered by a real boom, ended in 2022 at the new all-time record sales, not far from the 0.7 million.

The growth was too fast and in 2023 the consumer’s demand was lower.

However, full 2023 sales have been 652.850 (-4.0%), the second best year ever.

The electric segment is still very small but finally is fast growing with sales accelerated hugely in 2023 (+2590%).

Looking at the competitive arena, while the market leader – Yamaha – consolidated the leadership with a roaring score (+19.2%), the follower, Honda, dropped 16.1%, like the third player, Modenas (-36.3%).