Italy 2023. Motorcycles Market Booms Keeps Fly Up September (+17.5%)

Ducati Panigale V4
Ducati Panigale V4

Italian Motorcycles Market is hot. September sales (+17.3%) kept the speed and Year to Date figures at 286.265 (+17.5%) is the best performance among the big 5 countries in Europe and project the best year out of last 15.

Italian Motorcycles Industry Trend and Perspectives

In the most recent years, the Italian market has been found by “newcomers” as the perfect market from which start a new venture in Europe. And many new brands (like Royal Enfield, CF Moto, Voge and others) or revamped brands (Benelli and Moto Morini) started the European operations aiming to maximize the performance in Italy, before than in other countries. And generally, all of them obtained success, keeping the market up even when, like during the last year, traditional manufacturers were struggling for supply chain issues.

The start of 2023 reported a great news for Italian 2-wheelers consumers, as the Japanese manufacturers ended their short supply period and their dealerships were again full of bikes and scooter to offer. 

As results, the market really boomed in the first sixth month of the year with 201.932 sales (+16.9%) the best performance in the last 20 years.

In Q3 growth speed not declined with July up 17.0% , August +13.5% and September +17.4%.

Year to Date figures at 286.265 (+17.5%) is the best performance among the big 5 countries in Europe and project the best year out of last 15.

The growth is driven by the scooter segment (+19.8%) with high displacement (501-750cc) over doubling sales.

However, the motorcycles segment is fast growing as well (+14.4%) and is particularly strong in the 751-1000cc class (+39.7%) and in the 501-750cc (+32.6%) where most of new models have been introduced after EICMA 2022.

Looking at top manufacturer’s performance, Honda is still on top with first half sales jumped up 58.8% thanks to the end of short supply and strong demand on X-ADV 750, SH350 and SH150.

In second place Piaggio is fast growing as well (+13.8%) while the 3rd, Yamaha, is growing with a lower speed (+13.9%).

In 4th place Kymco increased sales by 3.1%, followed by SYM (+17.4%), while BMW is up 3.4%, Ducati is +1.1%.

The last years winner is now in crisis and Benelli lost 22.6%.

Italian Motorcycles Industry 2022

Posting the best results out of the last 15 years, the 2-Wheeler market ended a brilliant 2022, surging on top of the European Markets, ahead of France and Germany.

Although the year was penalized by short supply and by the sharp increase in the transaction prices, with no more discount offered for top models and long waiting lists, the Q4 sales rush, supported by arrival of stock for all main OEMs and by new incentives for electric vehicles, allowed the market to end over the previous year.

Thus, in 2022 total 2-Wheeler sales have been 291.799 (+1.0%) posting the eight consecutive growth. The electric segment is fueling the scooter market with sales up 103% in the L1 category and 32.4% in the L3 category. 

The market leader Honda is losing terrain with 50.887 losing a deep 20.2%.

The second, Piaggio is losing as well with 40.733 sales (-8.4%) while Kymco jumped up in third position with 24.692 sales (+1.8%) overtaking Yamaha, now 4th with 24.451 (-11.7%).

In 5th place SYM with 16.242 units (+33.7%) followed by BMW with 15.945 (-0.4%), Benelli with 13.404 (+5.5%), Ducati with 9.459 (+9.7%), KTM with 6.649 (-16.1%) and Triumph with 5.843 (+13.7%).

BMW R nineT family
BMW R nineT family