World Motorcycles Industry. The 2-Wheeler Registrations Back Over 60 Million


World Motorcycles Industry Shines. Based on the registrations data collected across the 84 countries we cover, McD reports sales in 2022 have been 60.4 million (+2.6%),the second highest level ever.

McD tracks new motorcycles registrations in over 80 different markets, representing the 99.4% of the global motorcycles industry (including categories like ATVs/RUV, Tuk-tuk and – of course – 2/3 wheelers). So, we report on REAL historical data and our forecast are based on facts and data. We do not sell “Market Research”, but REAL data in excel plus our Senior Partners consulting and expertise in the industry.

Motorcycles Industry Global Trend – 2022

Russian war in Ukraine shocked the World and the economy and represented a huge unexpected factors at any level this year.

Over a year after the invasion, the global economy continues to be weakened by the war through significant disruptions in trade and food and fuel price shocks, all of which are contributing to high inflation and subsequent tightening in global financing conditions.

Activity in the euro area, the largest economic partner for emerging and developing economies (EMDEs) of Europe and Central Asia, has deteriorated markedly in the second half of 2022, due to distressed supply chains, increased financial strains and declines in consumer and business confidence. The most damaging effects of the invasion, however, are surging energy prices amid large reductions in Russian energy supply.

While global prices for oil, gas and coal have been rising since early 2021, they skyrocketed after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, sending inflation to levels not seen for decades.

The automotive industry was hardly hit by the impacts while in the middle of a crisis generated by shortage of microchips and transition to electrification. However the two-wheeler market was again resilient, after having already surprised during the covid 19 emergency.

Based on the registrations data collected across the 84 countries we cover, global 2-Wheeler (scooters + motorcycles ) sales in 2022 have been 60.4 million (+2.6%), the second highest level ever.

The growth although the largest region, China, declines 7.1% and thanks to the double-digit increase in Indian sub-continent and in Latin America.