Ducati 2022. Global Sales Hit The New All-Time Record

Ducati Streetfighter V2
Ducati Streetfighter V2

Ducati Motor Global Sales at the highest ever. Although Ducati ended the first half-year down (-2.8%), it finished the year with a record total of 59.739 sales (+2.8%).

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Ducati Global Sales Trend

After the previous four years of decline, in 2021 Ducati performed with the new all-time record, leaping very close to 60,000 sales, with an increase of 21.8% compared to the previous year: the maximum to celebrate like all the company the World Championship just conquered in the MotoGP competition!

However, 2022 represented a very challenging year for all motorcycle manufacturers and Ducati too must continue to fight to keep the sales direction in line with the budget.

This is because the external environment becomes very challenging with huge increase in costs of energy, raw materials, global shipping and all manufacturers struggling for distribution globally, reporting short supply in several countries

However, the current performance demonstrates the excellent work done by the Ducati Team in recent years, considering that the sales records are based on a solid organization, which is reacting in the best possible way to the challenges, minimizing the losses reported so far.

Although Ducati ended the first half-year down (-2.8%), it finished the year with a record total of 59.739 sales (+2.8%).

Sales in Europe represent 56.2% of total and 2022 was almost positive with 33.582 units (+7.2%).

ASEAN is the region reporting in 2022 the best increase year-on-year with 2.165 sales (+12.7%). Sales in China keep growing as well with a record of 51.95 (+6%) although the market fell down last year.

Sales India boosted at 339 (+18.9%).

Russia and Ukraine together lost 96.8% compared to the previous year. However, they were marginal for Ducati.