Italy 2022. Motorcycles Market Flat in May (-0.7%) Due To Growing Short Supply


Italian Motorcycles Market reported in May the 4th sales declined in a string. However the marginal y-o-y- decline must be considered under a positive light. Sales were 36.717 (-0.7%) with Year to Date figures at 125.866 (-2.2%).

Italian Motorcycles Industry Trend and Perspectives

In the 2022 the Italian motorcycles market was expected to consolidated the recent growth although the previous year score was among the best worldwide.

However, sales had been penalized of short supply for many brands and customers were expecting to change their bike this year more than in the previous.

Demand for individual mobility has not been satisfied yet and other factors are positive, like the economic expansion, the strong incentives to electric vehicles and a growing demand for evs.

These factors were expected to more than balance negative impact of growing inflation and production difficulties on raw materials purchase. The effects of Russian war in Ukraine have been strong, with fuel price at the peak in decade (although Government support) and the economy is expected to smooth the growth.

In May sales declined for the 4th month in a string and however the marginal y-o-y- decline must be considered under a positive light. Sales were 36.717 (-0.7%) with Year to Date figures at 125.866 (-2.2%) with the consumer demand supported by new incentives for EVs, but limited by increasing short supply for most of manufacturers.

Looking at the single brand performance year to date, the market leader Honda is losing terrain with 26.386 sales (-13.9%) while doubling sales of the followers, Piaggio over all, with 13.581 (-26.3%) and Yamaha with 12.439 (-14.7%).

As expected, the electric segment is fueling the scooter market with year to date sales grew up 84.3% in the L1 category (correspondent to below 50cc ICE) and the L3 category up 35.7%. 

VMOTO is market leader among electric manufacturers, ahead of Niu and Piaggio.

Motorcycles Market Trend 2021

In 2021 the Italian motorcycles market was the fastest growing in Europe (if we forget about small markets like Lithuania (+54.2%) and Ireland (+24.9%)) thanks to a strong demand for all types of two wheelers, reducing the gap from France, the largest market in the region, at around only 10k.

In the year sales have been 290.255, up 21.1% more than balancing the lost reported in the previous year and hitting the best level out of the last decade.

For the ninth year in a row, Honda confirmed the leadership in the market with 63.266 sales (+35.5%) further increasing the gap over the followers.

The Italian Piaggio was second with 45.624 sales (+19.9%) while Yamaha was third with 28.118 (+3.3%).

In fourth place Kymco with 24.239 sales (+6.9%) at the second best ever in this market.

BMW ranked 5th with the new all time record of 16.225 sales (+20.1%) followed by a fast emerging manufacturer, Benelli, reporting a record 12.655 sales (+55.8%).

In seventh place, hitting a new record SYM with 12.060 (+25.4%) ahead of Ducati with 8.703 (+25.1%), KTM with 8.274 (+14.1%) and Kawasaki with 5.240 (-24.7%).

The electric vehicles segment did not improved a lot, posting a record of 10.238 sales (+2.7%) due to the market evolution from fleet/delivery to B2C.

In this process new players are taking the lead, with the Chinese Niu Tech landed on top of the list with 2.729 sales (+59.4%) overtaking the Italian Askoll (-15%).