World Best Selling Motorcycles Ranking. Niu is Fastest Growing Manufactures Worldwide

Niu 2022 new models
Niu 2022 new models

Best Selling Motorcycles Brands Ranking in the World in 2021 report the lost of share by the leader, Honda, under the Chinese EVs manufacturers attach with Yadea landed in second place and Niu, the fastest growing brand worldwide (+72%) up in 9th place.

For the first time we decided to share the ranking of the Top 10 Brands in the World. Please be aware data includes only 2/3 wheeler in the scooter, underbone, moped and motorcycles category. This mean that Tuk Tuk are not included and ATV/RUV or kick scooter neither. In the the articles reporting on single brand, we include all categories. For instance, Bajaj Auto sales in this article are well below the total Bajaj sales, not having included the rickshaw.

The global motorcycles industry have recovered volume sin the 2021, although with a slower than expected speed, mainly due to the low performance in India and ASEAN, countries where they delay in covid 19 vaccination process caused huge virus diffusion with shutdowns hitting production and distribution.

Looking at the performance in place by single manufacturer, it is clear that the trend is sharply different and correlated to many factors, like the exposure to winning or loser markets, the availability of EVs line up and the brand perceived value.

Said this, the Global market leader in 2021 as in the last decades is – by far – Honda.

Not a surprise, of course. It is almost well known that the Japanese manufacturer dominates the industry with around one third of the industry in its hands.

In 2022, Honda sold 16.8 million two wheeler globally (+12.2%) with 28.7% of market share, near 5 points the 2016 level. We see the risk for Honda to keep losing market share as consequence of the current strategy to post-pone electric models introduction, leaving space to emerging brands to keep space and reputation in this crucial and booming segment.

The second place in the global ranking is really a surprise. It is taken by the Chinese  Yadea, a revolutionary Chinese manufacturer, leader in the electric vehicles R&D and manufacturing. Thanks to the booming Chinese demand for EVs, fueled by government incentives, Yadea is fast growing reaching the all-time record of 6.1 million e-scooter sales (of course we do not include the e-bike which counts for a similar quota in Yadea total sales.). However sales in the second half were slow and annual increase was only 9.3%.

In third place the Indian Hero Motor with 5.1 million (-9.4%) penalized by the harsh time of the Indian market and the slow development of international business.

In fourth place there is Yamaha with 4.1million (+13.5%). Yamaha market share at 7.0% is over 5 points below the 2012 achievement.

With a wide gap, in fifth place there is Bajaj Auto with 2.6 million (+0.8%) under the attack of the 6th, the Indian rival TVS Motor, with 2.4 million (+3.9%).

In seventh place there is a fast recovering Suzuki with 1.7 million (+30.7%), after years of decline.

In eight place there is the largest Chinese manufacturer of “traditional” motorcycles and scooter, Haojue, with 1.37 million (+23.9%). Please note we consider only the vehicles sold under their brand, while they produce for Suzuki other hundred thousand motorcycles exported, mainly in Europe.

In ninth place there is Niu Tech, the second global EVs specialist, with 1.0 million sales. Booming 70.6%, Niu is the fastest growing brand among the Top 25 global manufacturers. 

For the very time and above any expectations, in ten place there is the Mexican Italika with 0.9 million sales (+14.9%).