China 2021. Niu Tech Is The Fastest Growing In a Record Two-Wheeler Market


Chinese Motorcycles Market was very dynamic in 2021. Domestic motorcycles sales (including moped, scooter, underbone, motorcycles tricycles and ATVs) have been 19.5 million, up an impressive 9.2%. Yadea confirms the leadership in the domestic market while Haojue tops the exports.

Motorcycles Market Trend 2021

The motorcycles market is in great shape in China, while deeply involved in the electrification transition which is creating huge spaces for EVs specialists and narrow roads for combustion engines specialists.

Although in the last two quarters of 2021 the Chinese economy growth was below expectations, reducing demands for consumer goods, the two-wheeler market continued to perform well, after a roaring first half of the year.

The transition to the electrification is very fast and while government subsidies to producers are declining, the huge volumes achieved by segment leaders have already allowed strong economy of scale and the electric scooters are already competitive in terms of pricing and performance.

The market is rapidly changing after that the electric vehicles becomes more than 50% of total market last year. 

New brands are booming, with Yadea market leader not only in the EVs segment but in the entire market, after having scored a milestone reporting over 5 million sales in the 2020 and further growing in 2021.

Xinri Sunra, Niu, Luyuan and other brands are fast growing although limited by short supply, while the traditional brands are working to transform the local production for domestic market, while booming export.

The demand of motorcycles is fast growing, with almost all premium brands (BMW, Triumph, Ducati, KTM, Piaggio, Peugeot and others) reporting record sales in China and with the market over 250cc, fast growing, while from a still low volume in absolute.

Said this, looking at the market figures, in the 2021 total domestic motorcycles sales (including moped, scooter, underbone, motorcycles tricycles and ATVs) have been 19.5 million, up an impressive 9.2%.

Looking at the manufacturer ranking, the leader is for the third year in a row Yadea with 6.2 million sales (+15.4%). The Hong Kong based firm have almost tripled sales in China in the last 5 years, while expanding production in ASEAN.

In second place Honda, which holds several local companies, the leader until three years ago and now struggling having postponed too much the entrance in the EVs segment. Last year sales were 1.35 million (+2.1%) already benefit from new entry level EVs introduced in last August.

In third place Haojue, a “traditional” manufacturer wich last year sold near 1.3 million vehicles in the domestic market (+27.1%) while booming the export. Haojue is the top exporter with over 1 million vehicles.

In fourth place the fastest growing manufacturer, the EVs specialist Niu Tech with 988.000 sales (+72.7%).

Yadea C1s
Yadea C1s