Husqvarna 2021. Booming Sales in Emerging Markets & China to Hit the 50.000

Svartpilen 401
Svartpilen 401

Husqvarna Global Sales are moderately positive in 2021. Year to Date September sales have been 37.243, up 3.8% vs the 2020 and 52.9% vs the 2019 projecting a full year up to the new milestone of 50.000 units sold. Sales in Latin America boomed (+245%)

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Husqvarna Global Sales Track 2021

Re-born in the 2014, after the Pierer Mobility/KTM acquisition, the Swedish brand with over a century of history is growing up healthy and robust and the 2021 will hit a new all-time record sales, the 8th in a row.

To beat the 2020 record is not easy as the near 49.000 registrations done last year were a considerable gain over the previous, but data updated at September confirm a new record is arriving, thanks to an extended coverage, as the company recently entered in new markets, like India (with Bajaj Auto), Malaysia and Vietnam, while improving sales in almost all countries thanks to a better product line up.

The year started very well with the first half reporting sales increased by 22.9%, but the third quarter was almost negative, due to the industry fall in USA and Europe, with global Husqvarna sales down 25.0%.

However, Year to Date September sales have been 37.243, up 3.8% vs the 2020 and 52.9% vs the 2019 projecting a full year up to the new milestone of 50.000 units sold.

Sales are booming in Latin America (+245%), with Argentina up 369%, Ecuador at +266% and Colombia at +819% rewarding Husqvarna ad the best performer in this year in the entire region.

Sales over doubled in China and in ASEAN while are steady in North America and declining 3.3% in Western Europe.

Norden 901 2022
Norden 901 2022

Husqvarna Heritage

Husqvarna was founded in 1689 in the small town of Huskvarna in southern Sweden, now the city of Huskvarna, Småland province. Husqvarna was originally a mechanical company, producing guns for the Swedish army. In 1903, the company entered the motorcycle industry with its first product, the Husky.

Husqvarna was acquired by Italian motorcycle company Cagiva in 1987 and became part of parent company MV Agusta Motor. A group of managers and engineers in Husqvarna were unhappy with the future under Cagiva. They founded Husaberg AG, a new motorcycle manufacturer in Sweden and later acquired by KTM AG.

In 2007, the two-wheeler division BMW Motorrad acquired Husqvarna in a deal worth €93 million. But in 2013, the Swedish motorcycle company changed hands again when Pierer Industrie AG bought all shares of the company from BMW Motorrad.

In 2013, the shares and patent rights of the Husqvarna brand were sold by Pierer Industrie AG to KTM AG, Husqvarna Motorcycle GmbH has since been established.

Husqvarna, once owned by KTM, returned to business in 2014 by presenting the Supermoto 701 locust at the EICMA show. The company currently has many products, mainly focusing on two segments of locusts and nakedbikes.