Germany 2021. Suzuki (-55%) & KTM (-19%) Struggle While Q3 Market Lost in 2-Digits


German Motorcycles Market lost terrain the Q3 2021. Year to Date September sales at 193.294, down 3.7% vs the 2020, but up 9.8% vs the 2019. Piaggio is market leader while Suzuki, KTM and Harley-Davidson are reporting huge falls.

Motorcycles Market Trend 2021

As in general in all the European countries, the third quarter was not a positive period for the two wheeler industry, if compared with the previous year. However, in the 2020 the markets have followed a distorted seasonality, due to the covid19 and the most useful comparison is versus the 2019.

Said this, in Q3 the German motorcycles market slowed down losing (vs the 2020) in each month after a n almost positive start of the year.

The 2021 data was penalized in the first months by the strong 2020 end. In fact, the German market usually operates with high dealer stock and it was heavily pushed up in the Q4 2020 by self-registrations, related to the manufacturers push to register high volumes of euro4 models, no more sellable from January 2021.

However after a shy first quarter (sales at 46.944,-1.9% vs the 2020 and -10.9% vs the 2019) in the second sales accelerated with a quite positive performance in June ending the first half sales with 130.314  (+6.8% vs the 2020 and +5.1% vs the 2019).

As said, in the Q3 sales declined, with September down 14.9% and with Year to Date September sales at 193.294, down 3.7% vs the 2020, but up 9.8% vs the 2019.

In the competitive arena, the market leader is again Piaggio with 253.791 sales (+0.5%) confirming the leadership gained last year. It is followed by BMW with 25.263 (+4.9%) and Honda with 24.009 (+10.5%).

Awful performance for Harley-Davidson (-27.1%) penalized by the huge increase of import duties, Suzuki (-55.9%) and KTM(-19.0%).

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