Turkey 2021. In First Half Motorcycles Market at the Highest level ever

Turkey Motorcycles

Turkish Motorcycles Market keeps the outstanding pace in the 2021. In the first six months of the years total two-wheeler sales have been 110.499, +27.4% vs the correspondent period in 2020 and + 39.3% vs the 2019. The leader, Honda, slams a +112%.

2021 Market Data and Trend

Following the tremendous growth reported in the previous year, the Turkish two wheeler market confirms in the 2021 the strong demand with a first half ended with a new all time best.

Indeed, in the first six months of the years total two-wheeler sales have been 110.499, +27.4% vs the correspondent period in 2020 and + 39.3% vs the 2019. No doubt that the year will be closed with the second all time record in a string.

Honda is market leader with sales up a roaring 112%, followed by Kuba (+13%), Mondial (-10.1%), RKS (+63.1%), Arora (+52.8%) and other 348 manufacturers.

In 2020, the Two-Wheeler market boomed 32% hitting the second highest in the history

Following two years of moderate decline, the domestic 2-Wheeler market in the 2020 was more than resilient to the covid19 and scored the best sales level in the decade, the second highest in the industry history.

The GDP growth sustained the demand for mobility in Turkey and the covid 19 spread generate the conditions to strong consumer demand focused on the two wheeler industry, which is sustained by the government for the strong domestic manufacturers presence.

Thus, following struggling years, during the year the demand pumped up ending the 2020 with over 200.000 new motorcycles sales, second time in the history, with 204.859 registrations, up a huge 32.5% from the previous year, one of the highest increase at global level.

Of course, all manufacturers reported positive data. Therefore top Turkish companies over performed with Mondial surging on top of the market with 31.570 sales (+56.9%) ahead of the other local champion, Kuba, second with a record of 26.995 sales (+33.8%), both overtaking Honda, now in third, with 26.470 sales (+9.3%).

However the fastest growing brand was the fourth, the other local manufacturer RKS which sold 20.208 units, up a roaring 144%.

Established on an area of 43.700 m2 in Nazilli, Aydın, Mondial began its commercial activities in the motorcycle industry in 2004 as Uğur Motorlu Araçlar’s, with an annual motorcycle production capacity of 192.000 units. Thanks to the sudden success, the manufacturers has been sales leader in the country between 2005 and 2015, to the the second -behind Honda – between 2015 and 2019.

Kuba Motor was established in the 2004 and is based in Gaziantep in a plant covering 35,000 square-meter  with an annual 120,000 units production capacity.

Motorcycles Industry Heritage

This century started up with 53.000 sales in the 2000, well below the level of the record of 94.000 units touched in the 1997 and in the following years was in a sharp crisis with sales fallen down at a record-low of only 16.000 units in the 2002. Then the crisis was over and the market took a rushing path, with sales  near the record in the 2004 (92.000) and then above, with 2005 at 174.000 and in the 2006, in the sky, at the actual record of 390.000 units.

Too fast too soon, and in the 2007 and 2008 sales fell at 192.000 units (the current third best ever level), with a rapid fall at 134.000 in the 2010, a rapid recovery in the 2011, at the current third best record, 199.000.

Since then a progressive slow declining pathway is in place, with 2016 at the lower level in this decade (143.677) followed a recovery in the 2017 due to the reduction of compulsory traffic insurance tariff and ownership tax cut, ending the year at 157.755 units.

In 2018 and 2019 the market was steady.