China 2021. Yadea Market Leader in a Record First Half

Yadea C1s
Yadea C1s

Chinese Motorcycles Market keeps fast growing in the 2021. In the first half 2021 total domestic market sales have been 9.2 million, up 24.4% compared with 2020 (when February sales dropped due to covid19) and 28.8% compared to the 2019.

Motorcycles Market Trend 2021

The motorcycles market is in great shape in China.

Thanks to the strong government incentives, the Chinese economy is booming at a huge pace with high consumer spending in the mobility sector, including the motorcycles.

In addition, the transition to the electrification is very fast and while government subsidies to producers are declining, the huge volumes achieved by segment leaders have already allowed strong economy of scale and the electric scooters are already competitive in terms of pricing and performance.

The market is rapidly changing after that the electric vehicles becomes more than 50% of total market last year. 

New brands are booming, with Yadea market leader not only in the EVs segment but in the entire market, after hitting a record over 5 million sales in the 2019. Xinri Sunra, Niu and other brands are fast growing, limited by short supply, while the traditional brands are giving up on domestic sales, concentrating their efforts on export.

In the first half 2021 total domestic market sales have been 9.2 million, up 24.4% compared with 2020 (when February sales dropped due to covid19) and 28.8% compared to the 2019.

The market projects a new all time record for the end of 2021, with a further gaining in share for electric scooter specialist.

In 2020 the market is back the largest in the World

In the year on which the spread of covid 19 is transforming the human interaction, causing economic transformation, including trends within the motorcycles global industry, China, the country which was the home-base for the virus, is conquering back, after 4 years, the global leadership within the two wheeler industry.

The Chinese market lost the global leadership in the 2016, after the introduction of more severe rules for emission and use of two wheelers, with volume dropped down by millions units, while the Indian market was fast growing, taking the leadership.

This year, India is losing deeply, with a full year projection of 20% lost, while the Chinese market is one the most resilient and is projected to end the year at the level of 2019.

Following a first quarter 20% lost, mainly caused by February shut down in most of Chinese regions, the market recovered with Q2 sales up 3.0% and Q3 up 7.6%.

The positive trend was in place even in the Q4 and following the October +12.0%, In November domestic market surged 5.4% with 1.6 million sales. After the first 11 months of the year, sales have been 15.7 million, up 0.4%.

Data reported include all motorcycles, scooter, moped, three and four wheelers. Data do not include the e-bike, the kick scooter and the Chinese specific small motorized vehicles, called light scooter.

Electric scooter and moped segment is over 20% of total

Something very interesting regarding this market is the speed taken by the electric scooter segment. As probably you know, the Chinese market has always been the largest in the EVs segment, thanks to a strong government push towards low emission vehicles, a key action in the long term polity to reduce the huge metropolitan areas pollution.

In the 2020, the EVs growth is robust with almost all players in a good shape, including the fast growing NIU. It is impressive the growth reported by YADEA, which project the 2020 at over 10 million two wheeler sales, with near 6 million scooter/moped.